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Washington, D.C. | Day 6

We weren't very meticulous with our schedule this trip. Everyday was a go-with-the-flow schedule. We'd usually think a little bit about what we wanted to do the night before, and then try to see if Reagan would let us. Wednesday night, we talked about how we just wanted to go on a picnic at the Tidal Basin the next day, so that next morning we went straight to the Tidal Basin.

We did notice that a lot of the trees were turning from the puffy white to a more pink blossom, this second day. Completely breathtaking.

We walked all the way around again and then got some lunch from the big food tent and ate it in the grass, while we let Reagan get totally filthy crawling and playing in the wet grass.

^^Successful family pictures are VERY hard these days. Here is one of our attempts. Also please note Reagan's fish face above.^^

I mentioned before that Reagan loved seeing all of the people, she was seriously putting on a show. EVERYONE who walked by would say something. We weren't sure, what she was doing that was making everyone smile and laugh, but then I walked in front of her for a few minutes, and here is what I found.

^^That is her other favorite face lately, scrunched nose. It kind of makes her look like a Bull Dog. Also her hat usually twists sideways when she leans back in her stroller because there is a big bow on the back. The sideways hat makes her look like a little rascal.^^

After the Tidal Basin, we walked over to the Old Post Office. We knew we wanted to check out the view from the top.

My lens couldn't fit through the wires, so it kind of looks like I took these pictures from some sort of prison, but I didn't. I love views from the top! After the Old Post Office, we went and did a little bit of souvenir shopping, and then we headed over to Chinatown, mostly to see the arch.

While in Chinatown we had dinner at Sweetgreens. Afterward, we hopped back on the Metro and headed back to the hotel.


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