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Drive-Ins: Hometown | Garden City, Utah


Remember when we used to go to drive-ins all the time? HA! It's been a while. This was our 9th one from this list. I can't believe that we only have one to go! While we were in Bear Lake we stopped and had lunch at Hometown Drive-in. Like their sign says, they truly do have "famous shakes" and boy, are they tasty! They did not disappoint.

We got their Big Bear Combo, and of course a Raspberry Shake. Their fries were perfectly crispy, just the way I like them. And should I gush some more about the shake? It was perfect. I wish I would have one right now.

I was pleasantly surprised that the trees still had blossoms on them. Spring must come much later in that part of the state, since it is basically summer at our house.

Another great drive-in for the books! And of course, Reagan was there too. She liked the shake and the fries.

Other diners we've visited:
Mel's Drive Inn | Beaver, Utah
Reed's Drive-In | Nephi, Utah
Milt's Stop & Eat | Moab, UT
Burger Bar | Roy, UT
Uinta Drive In | Kamas, UT
Big Moe's | Price, UT
Dairy Delight | Tooele, UT
Slacker's | Torrey, UT

1 diner (on the list) to go!

Memorial Day | Bear Lake and Wind Cave

I really wanted to go to Colorado for Memorial Day this year, but because my Aunt Shari was coming, and we had to speak in church, we opted to stay home. We still wanted to do something fun on Memorial Day though, so we decided to do a small driving trip!

We drove up to Bear Lake through Huntsville, the scenic route if you will. It was a gorgeous drive. Once we got to Garden City, and could see the Lake I was blown away! I couldn't believe what a beautiful lake it was. SO BLUE! It was a particularly beautiful day too, so that really added to the whole ambiance, and my newfound love of this pretty lake.

We stopped for some lunch and then walked around the marina, looking at all of the boats.

^^The boats! I so wish that we were boat people. When Jordan told me that he never wants to have a boat, a little tiny piece of my heart broke (like a really small piece, I'll probably get over it, or maybe he'll change his mind...).^^

After Bear Lake, we wanted to do a hike. Jordan picked a really cool hike for us to do that day, just outside of Logan. It's called Wind Cave, and I think it's a pretty popular hike for the area. It was pretty strenuous for my untrained hiking body, and we just so happened to start the hike at probably the hottest time of day, but once we got to the cave, I was so glad we did it! It was pretty amazing.

Jordan lugged Reagan up the mountain in this great hiking backpack that my mom bought for us at a garage sale. We love it, and so does Reagan. It was the first time we have used it, but we're hoping to get a lot of use out of it this summer.

The cave was so neat. It is definitely a cave, but it has holes on both ends, so it's kind of like a huge arch. We stayed at the cave for a little bit, had some tasty snacks, and let Reagan stretch out her legs before we headed back down.

We had dinner in Logan at Fredrico's after the hike and then went to a park for a little bit, so Reagan could crawl around before heading back home. The drive home was great. We were pretty shocked at how close we live to Logan. Overall, it was a great Memorial Day, and an even better/super busy weekend.

Shari Visits


My Aunt Shari came to town last weekend and her and my cousin Bailey came and stayed with us Saturday night. Before they came over, she treated us to dinner at Red Iguana, which was SO tasty. After dinner we headed back to our house, and they surprised Reagan with an early birthday present! We chatted and enjoyed each other's company until way past our bedtime that night.

The next morning, Jordan and I had to speak in church so Shari and Bailey (and Jordan's parents) graciously watched Reagan while we spoke. Later that afternoon Evan and Amanda came up from Provo and joined us for dinner. We did a personal pizza bar. It was SO fun!

At the last minute we decided to eat outside. So we grabbed the tables and chairs and moved them outside. The weather was completely wonderful, the company was superb, and I think the whole afternoon was just about complete perfection.

We were nervous about how we were going to get all of the pizzas to cook at the same time, but it worked out perfectly, and I think they were pretty tasty too!

After dinner, we cleaned off the table and played some games! First up was Telestrations. Have you played? It's hilarious. We also played Bang!.

And somehow, this little missy took a 4 hour afternoon nap, so she completely missed dinner, but woke up just in time for some angel food cake, strawberries, and whipped cream.

I'm so glad we were able to spend such a fun evening together. I loved being with these people. Thanks for coming Shari, Bailey, Amanda, and Evan! 
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