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Bee's Game


Last week Jordan heard on the radio that Josh Hamilton would be playing for the Bee's that weekend, so we made some arrangements, and were able to go to the game on Friday night. Unfortunately, an hour before the game started he was pulled from the roster. We were a little bit bummed, but still had a great time. We went with Jordan's parents and brother Landan. We were thinking about it, and Landan has been to almost every baseball game Reagan has ever been to. She has some serious baseball fans in her family.

^^Someday, I will stop posting picture of her with her finger in her nose, but for now, I still think they're silly.^^

^^As the sun started to set, the mountains started to do this pretty pink thing. Even if you don't like baseball, you might want to consider going to a Bee's game anyway, just to look at the view from the stadium.^^

We had a great time! Thanks for the tickets Dave and Martha!


  1. Ah those mountains! And that nose picking is definitely still hilarious so don't stop posting pics of that :) It's also fun and super cheap to sit out on that grassy area, especially on nights that they do fireworks!

  2. something about baseball makes me think of summer. we just bought tickets to go to a giants, game yay summer! this looks like lots of fun!


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