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Drive-Ins: Hometown | Garden City, Utah


Remember when we used to go to drive-ins all the time? HA! It's been a while. This was our 9th one from this list. I can't believe that we only have one to go! While we were in Bear Lake we stopped and had lunch at Hometown Drive-in. Like their sign says, they truly do have "famous shakes" and boy, are they tasty! They did not disappoint.

We got their Big Bear Combo, and of course a Raspberry Shake. Their fries were perfectly crispy, just the way I like them. And should I gush some more about the shake? It was perfect. I wish I would have one right now.

I was pleasantly surprised that the trees still had blossoms on them. Spring must come much later in that part of the state, since it is basically summer at our house.

Another great drive-in for the books! And of course, Reagan was there too. She liked the shake and the fries.

Other diners we've visited:
Mel's Drive Inn | Beaver, Utah
Reed's Drive-In | Nephi, Utah
Milt's Stop & Eat | Moab, UT
Burger Bar | Roy, UT
Uinta Drive In | Kamas, UT
Big Moe's | Price, UT
Dairy Delight | Tooele, UT
Slacker's | Torrey, UT

1 diner (on the list) to go!


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