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Eleven Months Old


Reagan is seriously a ball of energy. She rarely sits still. She moves so fast, and gets into everything. She is all over the house, especially in all of the places we don't want her to be (she loves standing up on the toilet). She stands up on everything, and is VERY close to standing up without leading on anything.

She waves on command, makes kissy noises, and clicks her tongue. She talks a lot. Her baby vocabulary is getting quite diverse.

She usually takes two naps a day, a little one in the morning, and a longer one in the afternoon. She's had quite a few bad nights lately, and we're not sure why. We're hoping it's because she just got a top tooth, and now that it's through she'll return to her great sleeping self. With that new tooth, that brings her tooth total to 3.

She has long, wild hair that is hard to tame, but sure is beautiful.

When I started taking these monthly pictures I never thought it would be so hard. Stand up, sit down, turn around, sit back, play with buttons, get down, back up...etc.

She is beautiful. And I sort of love that she knows who I am, and gets a little bit curious when I'm out of her sight. I can't believe that she is almost 1! So crazy.


  1. Can't get over her gorgeous eyes! It's fun that our babies will be almost exactly a year apart.

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