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Eva's Bakery


Reagan and I met up with Lex and Ellie for lunch today at Eva's Bakery downtown. Not only was the food divine but the company was pretty great as well. Lex and I have been able to meet up for lunch a few times in the past, and I just have to say, I love spending time with that cute girl!

And seriously, how fun is this bakery? I felt like I was transplanted to France for lunch. I had a delicious turkey, avocado, dijon sandwich and one of those delectable fruit tarts pictured above.

Reagan was in heaven watching Ellie. And I think Ellie liked playing with Reagan too! Those two girls, sheesh, almost too much cuteness to handle.

Thanks for such a fun time Lex! Let's definitely make this a more regular thing!

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  1. Those two are the same size! haha I love Reagan's little jumper and flip flops, that cafe looks amazing!


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