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Playing in the grass


We went outside to play in the grass for a few minutes this afternoon. She loves finding loose leaves to crunch and eat. She hates laying in the grass, and having it touch her face and neck. And then this happened. Multiple times!

Unassisted standing! WOW! I think this might be the most exciting thing (for me) I have ever seen her do. She did it about 5 or 6 times, and then needed to go take a nap. It must have really worn her out.

And I couldn't help but share these pictures of her beautiful eyes!

I love this little beauty!


  1. Yay Reagan!! That is soo exciting, did she just go from sitting to standing? Standing by herself was Ava's hardest thing to do haha

  2. What a doll! My little Josephine hated the grass for the longest time, too. It's funny how certain textures just throw kids off.

    Watch out for that standing - she'll be running around in no time! ;-)


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