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We had a few extra minutes to kill last weekend so we stopped by a park with some swings. Reagan loves to be swung back and forth while we're holding her hands, so we were pretty sure she would love the swings and we were spot on! She LOVED them! Now we need to find a park by our house with some swings like this!

I get so much satisfaction from seeing Reagan experience new things. It's a motherhood occurrence and feeling that I wasn't quite expecting.  And one of the best ones at that. It's great to see her try something new and love it, and it's pretty funny to see her try something new and hate it too (like tasting something new). I also love seeing her learn new things. It is absolutely thrilling. This parenting thing is pretty spectacular.


  1. She is the cutest! I love her little feet in those flip flops!

  2. Swings are so fun! Her flip flops are adorable :) She looks so happy!


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