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Warriors Over the Wasatch


Ever since we moved into our house people in our neighborhood have been telling us that we would have a great view of the air show. Well this weekend was the air show and our neighbors were correct. We had an awesome view! We live less than 5 miles away from Hill Air Force Base and always love watching the jets and huge planes flying over. The air show was like 4+ hours of watching cool planes do all sorts of tricks. The end was by far my favorite, when the Thunderbirds came out and completely blew my mind with their speed and precision.

We watched almost all of the show on Saturday (Jordan's parents came up and watched with us) and then today, we pretty much just watched the Thunderbirds (and Dylan and Logan were here to watch with us). I do want to go to the base someday to watch the show, but this year with a baby, I have to admit it was SUPER nice being able to watch from home.

^^The Thunderbirds are painted red, white, and blue and sometimes fly up to 700 mph!^^

There were 6 Thunderbirds in this show. At the beginning, 4 flew together, with 2 flying solo, and then one of the solos joined the other 4 and did some tricks as a group of 5, and then at the end all 6 flew together.

^^I'm pretty proud of this picture for not actually being at the show, and just snapping this picture from my front yard....^^

The planes were loud when they flew over our house, so when Reagan was outside, she got to wear my dad's headphones from when he worked at the airport. And she surprisingly left them on really well.

1 Year Old


Here are my 4 favorite Instagrams from each month of her life so far:

And thus concludes my monthly Instagram Round-up!
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