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Pop for Pop!


Ever since I saw the Father's Day Soda Collection on OhHappyDay I've wanted to try it, and this Father's Day seemed like a great time. Plus, I knew Jordan would appreciate it, and enjoy trying all of the different flavors.

I bought the crate at Walmart and most of the soda at World Market with the exception of 3, which I bought at Smith's. It was actually a really reasonably priced gift. I think the crate was $5, and all of the soda was around $25-30.

I couldn't pass up the chance to take pictures of these. I must take pictures of pretty and colorful things. I just have to. It's a part of who I am.


  1. This is SO fun! I would have loved to take pics of these too :) I'll be taking note of this for my soda lover next year

    1. P.s. I totally did a soda thing for Devin this year too but he won't let me put it on any social media because "someone" still doesn't know/approve of his caffeine drinking LOL

    2. That is hilarious. Considering certain other recent announcements maybe Devin should tell his mom now. His caffeine drinking might just pale in comparison.

  2. Such a cute gift idea, and I love the all the colors!

  3. Logan would want you to save the bottles!


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