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4th of July 2014


The 4th of July is probably my favorite holiday and this year was definitely great. We started the day with a picnic up American Fork Canyon. We met Annett, Alex, Grandma, and Beth, as well as Andy, Debbie, and Allen who were in town from Texas. Annett made delicious breakfast burritos that we warmed up on the fire and ate with salsa, watermelon, and fruit pizza.

^^Annett and I were totally matching. So fun!^^

^^My "Al" cousins: Alex, and Allen, who Reagan completely LOVED at the picnic. Everything they did made her laugh really loud. It was so cute.

After the picnic, we ran a few errands including a quick trip to Home Depot and a stop at Recreation Outlet, Jordan's favorite, where we found an awesome deal on a new tent. For lunch, we went to Cubby's, my new favorite place. After lunch, we went to the Outlets, and bought a few things for Reagan, including her first pair of Nikes.

^^I also had to include a picture of my fruit pizza as well as my festive fingernails. I love them.^^

We spent the rest of our day with Jordan's family, at his parent's house. We had a delicious BBQ, (which is pretty much completely necessary on the 4th of July, right?) played some croquet, and then went to watch some fireworks.

^^Martha has so many beautiful flowers at her house, I just had to snap some pictures...^^

^^I asked Devan and Landan to smile, and here is what I got... Pretty good.^^

Reagan got to take a few rides in the wagon, which, if you can't tell by her face, is pretty much her favorite thing in the world. After we ate, Reagan took a little nap while we played croquet. I had never played before, and I really liked it!

After croquet, we played some Rook, and then we drove over to the parking lot of Alta View Hospital and watched all of the fireworks in the valley. It was awesome! We could see Sandy City's firework show, as well as the show from the Real game, and lots of little neighborhood shows all around.

^^Please notice the two temples in the above photo, Oquirrh Mountain on the left, and Jordan River on the right.^^

Reagan wasn't so sure about all of the popping, but I think she enjoyed it overall. While we were watching the fireworks, we put Reagan in her jammies. I definitely enjoyed the fireworks. It might be my new favorite place to watch. It was a great end to a completely perfect day.

To add to the festivities, yesterday Dylan and Logan finished up EFY, and we all went swimming afterward. It was such a hot day, so it felt completely wonderful!

^^Even Gabriel got to swim with us!^^


  1. I would love to watch fireworks from your view. So cool!

  2. The pics you got of the fireworks are awesome! I tried shooting some this year (since I finally learned to shoot on manual), but they were less than stellar. If you have some secrets, let me know!

    1. Just a long shutter (like 3 seconds, I found was best this time around), and a 2 second delay timer. I put the camera on something stable, push the button and get my hands away from the camera and let it do it's thing!


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