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Camping in the Uintas


This weekend, we packed up our tiny Honda Civic, full to the brim, and drove up to the Unitas. We found a fun little secluded campsite and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for the night. It was so fun to have Dylan and Logan with us and to be away for even just a night. In the morning Reagan slept in a little bit, we packed up camp and headed over to Trial Lake so Jordan could do a little bit of fishing.

I wanted to try something new for this camping trip. So above you will see 780 pictures in a three and a half minute movie. I like how it turned out! And I'm definitely interested in making more like it. And just for fun, a few of my favorite snapshots from the movie are below.


  1. I love everything about this- seeing your cute family camping,the video, the amazing star shots and especially the photos of cute little Reagan. I felt like I was seeing her in action. Glad you had a fun little weekend away!

  2. That video was AWESOME! And those sky pictures, SO beautiful! Camping is a wonderful thing when life gets busy, glad Reagan likes it too!

  3. I loved that video! I've always wanted to try nighttime star photos! Yours turned out fantastic!

  4. That sky picture is fantastic. The video is also very cool. Also, I love your new blog design! Maybe it's not that new, but I usually use a reader. Good work

    1. Thank you! I've been working really hard on the new blog design, so I'm so happy you noticed!

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