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Family Pictures | Summer 2014

On Monday night we drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon with the Fullmers to take some family pictures. We've done this a couple times and we've got a great little system figured out. Jessica and I have the same DSLR (and lenses, coincidentally) so we just switch cameras and I take her family's pictures and she takes mine. The babies made for a pretty interesting time, but despite all of the screaming, I think we still came away with some great pictures. A few of my favorites are below.

OH, and I just have to mention that after we were finished and leaving Little Cottonwood Canyon, we almost hit a cougar. A COUGAR! We had actually just left the canyon, and were heading to Jordan's parent's house for some ice cream and out of nowhere this HUGE animal runs across the road. Jordan had to SLAM on the breaks and we barely missed it. It was so freaky. It was seriously HUGE, just as wide as our car! I'm so glad we didn't hit a cougar, that would have really put a damper on the whole night, plus, are we even allowed to be BYU Alumni, if we kill a cougar?


  1. Cute cute family! Love the silhouette pic at the bottom, just learned how to do these! Great pics and wishing we had beautiful mountains that close for a great backdrop!

  2. I love these pictures! Such a great family.

  3. All of these pictures are so great! You have the cutest little family! :)

  4. Such lovely pictures and such a beautiful family! That's awesome that you can just trade SD cards!! And I LOVE that last silhouette picture!

    1. We actually just traded cameras! Not just SD cards. It's so nice that we both have the same camera, so we know how to use it! So fun!

  5. What a pretty canyon! I don't know that I've ever been there. And an adorable family :)


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