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Toasters and the Utah State Capital


Yesterday Reagan and I met up with Kara in Salt Lake for lunch at Toasters (I recently discovered this list, and if you know me at all, probably know that now I kind of want to try all of them). The food was delicious. Kara and I both got the House Sandwich which was divine (my favorite part was probably the balsamic... Mmmm!). I set Reagan down for a second to order my food and she wandered over to a table and made quick friends with one of the guys sitting there. I was happy to notice that the one particular guy she made friends with just so happened to be one of Jordan's friends from college! Small world. He had never met Reagan before and was surprised to learn it was Jordan's daughter.

After lunch we headed over to the State Capital, to go on a tour. They do tours every hour from 9-5 Monday-Friday. I've been wanting to do one for a while, so I was happy we were able to go. One minor detail though, and total mom FAIL, I forgot Reagan's stroller. I thought it was in my trunk, but it wasn't! Sooooo sad. Reagan is really heavy, especially squirmy, and very independent, so that made our trip a bit difficult. We started the guided tour, but quickly bailed and opted for a self-guided tour instead, and I'm really glad we did.

The sky was threatening us with it's dark gray storm clouds. It even rained (poured) on our drive down there, but luckily it didn't rain on us while we were there.

^^Tiny baby, huge wall and building, at the capital of her state of birth.

^^An attempted photo of the three of us, moments after Reagan crawled through the mud, resulting in muddy shoes, and knees and then mud on my pants as a result of picking her up. And this was all after she almost threw my camera on the cement. Twice. That whole no stroller thing was a super bummer!

It was super beautiful though. That's for sure. I have a thing lately for Rotundas I guess. I just can't stay away.

Reagan pretty much got to do whatever she wanted, as long as she wasn't screaming. Ha. She looked extra tiny in such a HUGE room.

^^Who can do a better strut? B.Y. or R.J.? I think it's a pretty fair battle...

^^I really loved all of the seagulls in the top of the Rotunda.^^

The art in this building was amazing. Everywhere we looked there were beautiful murals or sculptures. And the architecture was also gorgeous.

Below are a few pictures from the Senate Chamber:

^^I also really loved this mural of (I think) Monument Valley, but it could easily be Canyonlands, or even Arches (ha!).^^

^^And this is the Supreme Court. One bummer was that they are remodeling the House Chamber so we didn't get to see that part of the capital. But overall it was a fun, (and slightly chaotic) outing! Thanks for joining us Kara! Let's get together again soon!


  1. That was so fun! And beautiful pictures, Corina.. as always! I'm excited to see you again soon :) Love ya!

  2. ALSO... R.J.'s strut > B.Y.'s strut :)

  3. I'm always impressed by your pictures; they're beautiful! And I think I need to utilize that awesome food place list. I need some new go to places in Utah!

  4. I always love your pictures as well! I would love to see some tutorials on what settings you use to get certain shots, or photo tips/tricks! I went camping this weekend and tried to take pictures of the beautiful stars like you did, but utterly failed!


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