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30 Minutes with Reagan

I followed Reagan around with my camera for 30 minutes the other morning. I knew she was a busy girl, but these pictures really show it. She. never. stops. moving. ever. And she's into everything! Take a look for yourself (and don't miss the commentary at the bottom):

Oh mom’s purse. My favorite. Can I find anything good? I think I’ll climb on the couch. OH, a ball. I’ll eat it. Books. Time to read. My bucket. A receipt? Cool. Time to run laps around the kitchen! I think I’ll sit on your lap mom. Anything good on the table? More laps! Left over pancakes from breakfast? Mmmmm! Oh my milk is down the hall, I’ll go get it. FaceTime from grandpa. Oh yeah the window. Let’s look outside. More books! Drool. Bracelet. Look mom! My book! Read it? Look at my bracelet. Let’s try the couch again. Made it up this time. Stand on the couch. Sit on the couch. Bracelet for my head? So soft! I'm tired. Nap time. Close the door please.

Park City


Because Jordan's bike race fell so close to our Anniversary, and was in Park City, we decided to make a little weekend trip out of it. My cousin Bailey graciously came over and stayed with Reagan for the night so we could sneak away. We stayed at the Westgate Park City, which is up at the Canyons and had an amazing time! I love this place (I want to go stay there some time in the winter and do some ski-in-ski-out).

When we first got to Park City we headed over to Main Street for dinner. We parked at the top of Main Street and walked down to Main Street Pizza & Noodle for dinner. Oh and it was complete pouring! Haha! and we got soaked! Luckily Jordan grabbed our raincoats on the way out the door, but that only sort of kept our shirts dry. Our pants and shoes were totally drenched. We still had a great time, and loved the food (especially the garlic knots. Mmmm! Those things were amazing).

I told Jordan that I felt like we were totally on vacation (even though we were gone less than 24 hours). It was wonderful! I forgot what it was like to be away without a baby. And I seriously love undivided attention from my man.

One thing that I used to love doing (even though it's kind of silly) is just running to the store with Jordan. Nowadays, if we need something really quick, usually one of us will stay home with Reagan. We made a midnight (ok maybe 10:30) run to the grocery store for some Ben & Jerry's and a few breakfast things (because Jordan had to be at the race start by 6:30) and I was reminded how much I used to love doing that with him.

In the morning, I took Jordan over to the starting line and then came back to the hotel to pack up our stuff and check out, but oh how excited I was for some me time too! I took my time getting ready, watched some Food Network, walked around the Canyons Plaza, took a ride on the Gondola, and then headed over to Main Street to walk around.

Park City is so lovely. I haven't really spent very much time there (with the exception of this and this), but every time I go, I love it. After leaving the hotel, I headed over to Main Street. I walked around for a little bit snapping pictures, enjoying a leisurely stroll.

I went into a cute bookstore called Dolly's and bought a really fun address book. When I walked out of the store I saw this guy standing with his two little kids and I thought, hmmm, that kind of looks like Josh Davis, and low and behold it was! And his wife Naomi was right inside the store next door buying some carmel apples. When she came out I told her that I loved her blog and asked if I could get a picture with her. We took the one below, and then I took some pictures on her camera of her and her family eating the carmel apples while sitting on a cute bench. Her blog is 100% my all time favorite blog. I was so thrilled to bump into her. She was so nice and genuine. I asked her about sharing the gospel through her blog and talked to her about that for a little bit. Seriously, if there was one blogger I would want to meet it was totally her. It was great.

After my time on Main Street I headed over to the McPolin Farmstead. I have driven by that beautiful barn many times but never had the chance to stop. Without a baby or a husband, and totally on my own agenda I finally made the stop.

^^Couldn't resist a self-timer jumping photo...

When I finished at the barn, I headed over to Kamas to look for Jordan and meet him at one of his rest stops, and then over to the finish line to congratulate him when he arrived. After his race we hopped in the car and headed back to our sweet daughter at home. It was a WONDERFUL mini vacation, anniversary getaway! I sure love my Jord. Happy anniversary!
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