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30 Minutes with Reagan

I followed Reagan around with my camera for 30 minutes the other morning. I knew she was a busy girl, but these pictures really show it. She. never. stops. moving. ever. And she's into everything! Take a look for yourself (and don't miss the commentary at the bottom):

Oh mom’s purse. My favorite. Can I find anything good? I think I’ll climb on the couch. OH, a ball. I’ll eat it. Books. Time to read. My bucket. A receipt? Cool. Time to run laps around the kitchen! I think I’ll sit on your lap mom. Anything good on the table? More laps! Left over pancakes from breakfast? Mmmmm! Oh my milk is down the hall, I’ll go get it. FaceTime from grandpa. Oh yeah the window. Let’s look outside. More books! Drool. Bracelet. Look mom! My book! Read it? Look at my bracelet. Let’s try the couch again. Made it up this time. Stand on the couch. Sit on the couch. Bracelet for my head? So soft! I'm tired. Nap time. Close the door please.


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    1. Thank you! I thought it was a unique way to capture her at this age right now.


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