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Castle Rock


My family moved to Castle Rock about 20 years ago, when I was five years old. I remember my dad taking me to hike up the Castle Rock before we even lived there. Climbing the Castle Rock is just one of those things that we loved to do, so we did it all the time. This is an activity I have done many, many times. Rain and shine, winter, spring, summer, and fall, day or night, morning, evening. You name it. Climbing the Castle Rock will always be one of those special things for me. (Side story: One summer, a few of my friends wanted to try to hike it every single night. We didn't make it the whole summer and I can't remember exactly how long it lasted, but I think we did it for about two weeks.)

One morning while I was in Colorado last week, we went and hiked the Castle Rock. I think I appreciated it a little bit more this time because I hadn't done it in a while. I brought my camera along and snapped some pictures along the way. Ann and I tagged along with my Mom and her friend Linda. They did the hike twice, while Ann and I only did it once, and climbed to the very top instead.

^^Here is where you climb to the top, using those trees to help you up a little bit. On the top of the Rock there is a huge star that they light up right before Thanksgiving and leave lit up through Christmas, and also an American flag. And to top it off, the views are spectacular!

^^Love that star. Here are a few shots of the stellar view of my Hometown, Castle Rock, Colorado:

^^Looking west, it was fun to see the huge shadow of the Castle Rock. You can also see the Wolfensberger exit of I-25. Notable for me is my Middle School, and the roads I took to get there many, many times. You can also see Red Hawk fairly well, the neighbor hood , with golf course towards the back right.

^^To the north you can see I-25, headed towards Denver. My parent's house is located on top of the hills back in the distance to the right. Looking this way you can also see the church where I was baptized, and my high school.

^^A close up of my high school, which looks a bit different now than it did when I went there, with a big addition added to the North Building. Zoomed in here, you can also see Target and Wal-mart, and again the hill with houses on the top, where my parents live.

^^Looking east, you can see Highway 86 heading towards Founders.

^^Looking south, you can see I-25 heading to Larkspur, and Colorado Springs. On the left, way in the distance is the first house we lived in in Castle Rock.

^^Still looking south, here is a close-up of Downtown Castle Rock. Notable for me, are the locations of my two first jobs, one a bit back in the distance, Plum Creek Medical, and one right downtown, the restaurant, Siena.

^^Lots of pretty flowers along the way. And below, here we are at the top. Me, Linda (it just so happened to be her birthday, and the reason why we were hiking... Happy birthday Linda!), my mom, and Ann.

Such a great little hike. I love that Castle Rock. As we were driving home, I had my mom stop in Metzler Ranch so I could snap a few more pictures of the Castle Rock from a little bit farther away. They can be seen below.


  1. I loved this post! Castle rock is so fun!

    1. I forgot for a minute that you had been there before! So fun!


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