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Summit Challenge

Last Saturday Jordan rode in the Summit Challenge Bike Race. His course started in Park City and went through Heber, and Midway, through Kamas, Marion, Peoa and then back to Park City through Brown's Canyon. He rode 102 miles, with 5000 feet of climbing. Amazing if you ask me!

He did the whole ride with a few guys from his office. His company has a cool program that contributed some money to the race, sponsored the riders, and gave them jerseys. Pretty cool.

They were super lucky because the race was supposed to start at 7, however it was completely raining buckets and totally FREEZING! Everyone was regretting their decision to ride in this race. But then they delayed the start an hour and it totally cleared up! It was still a little bit chilly, but I was so glad that it stopped raining.

^^I went and met Jordan at one of his last rest stops, which was really fun. Here they are with only 10 miles left. You can hardly even tell they had already gone 90!

I was also at the finish line when they finished, about 6 hours after they started. (Can you imagine riding a bike for 6 hours?) They had a bunch of different booths set up and some lunch for the riders. Jordan and the guys from his office all got massages.

I'm so proud of Jordan and glad that biking provides a way for him to stay active and fit. This summer was a crazy active one for us. Jordan did a 50 mile ride in May, I ran a half marathon in July and then Jordan finished it off with this 100 miler. I'm so thankful for our bodies and the amazing things they are capable of doing if we push ourselves. I hope that we will both be healthy and active for a long, long time.

And to finish this off, here are two pictures Sean took on their ride (wasn't the scenery completely gorgeous?):



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