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A day in the life....


I have been trying to do one of these every 6 months or so, and it was about time for another version of our Daily Routine. (I did my very first one when Reagan was 6 weeks old, found here, and my last one when Reagan was 7 months old, found here). So with out further ado, here is what our days look like lately:

Jordan and I didn't wake up to our alarms this morning so were in a bit of a rush to get him out the door. While he was getting ready I hurried and made him some toast really quick.

After he left, I grabbed Reagan some milk and took it in to her in bed.

Then I hopped back in bed, for a little while, until Reagan was ready to get up.

This is usually when I catch up on Instagram and blogs.

When Reagan was ready to get up, we both got up and headed to the kitchen for some breakfast.

Reagan's usual is milk and banana.

Today I had a bowl of my newest/current favorite cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats Greek. MMMmmm delicious!

When Reagan is done, she usually shows me like this....(which is so frustrating for this mom!)

She played for a little while and then went down for a nap.

While she napped (it might have been an open eye nap, she's been doing that in the mornings these days), I tried to get ready.

I took a shower, got dressed, and read my scriptures...

Then Reagan was awake so I finished getting ready while watching her play.

After I was ready, I had to do a bit of design work, at my makeshift desk...

...because we're in the middle of finishing our built-in desk (more about this later!).

All throughout the day we read lots of books. This is one of our current favorites. We read it about 15 times a day.

And then Reagan found the pots and pans and started playing with those while I made a lunch to take to Jordan's office.

When I finished, we hopped in the car and headed over to Jordan's office.

Reagan hasn't been loving the car lately. It's hit or miss. This particular drive she screamed about 75% of the time.

We had lunch with Jordan, which is always fun (I love seeing him in the middle of the day!) and then we headed home.

Reagan fell asleep in the car. When we got home I was (luckily) able to transport her to her crib, and she continued to nap for a few hours. (Score!)

My nap time priority today was sewing some dresses for a service project we're doing at church.

When I finished the dresses, I took out the trash....

...and then did the dishes. I was also able to squeeze in some computer time.

Reagan woke up really happy and well rested. Nap time success!

We got Reagan out of bed and commenced playtime.

Reagan woke up with the most gorgeous curls today. Love them!

After a bit of playtime we started to get ready for dinner by making a pizza crust.

Then we were itching for some outside time, so we headed out to the back yard.

Reagan loves sitting on this little step. It's just the perfect seat for her.

Jordan came home while we were playing outside, so he came outside with us for a little while. We looked at the garden for a bit and picked a pepper for the pizza and some strawberries for Reagan. I also spotted a watermelon! You can only imagine how happy this makes me!

We made our pizza...

...and then had dinner, right before I had to sneak out the door for a Relief Society activity at our church.

We were sewing so I brought my sewing machine. Reagan got to hang out with dad for a while, while I was gone.

When I came home Reagan was all jammied and having a great time with dad. There was a bit more playing and then it was bedtime.

After Reagan went to bed, Jordan headed off to play basketball with some friends and I got to unwind with a bath, and then some more computer time. I watched You've Got Mail while I worked. When he got home, he had a bowl of cereal, took a quick shower and then we headed to bed. And there you have it...our September 9, 2014, in the books!


  1. Wow are your days always this productive? haha That's amazing! Reagan seems to be pretty awesome at entertaining herself with whatever she finds, so nice for mom!

    1. Haha! That one was pretty productive now that I'm looking back at it. When I was living it, it didn't seem overly productive.

  2. I love these posts! It makes me feel like I get to spend the day with you and Reagan!

  3. That built-in desk looks amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    1. Oh! I can't wait to finish it. Ha! And then show it off!

  4. She is such a little beauty!! I haven't ever done one of these posts but I need to start doing them! It would be so fun to look back on these posts and see how our daily routines changed as Mia grows!


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