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Jordan's Backpacking Trip


Photos and text by Jordan.

This summer the Sorensen boys decided to take a quick backpacking trip to Clyde Lake up in the Uintas. We stuffed our packs full of 2 days worth of hot dogs and PB&J's and started the short hike up to Clyde.  The Uintas are a fun place to hike because in our short 3 mile hike we passed by 5 or 6 other lakes.  The hike was nice and easy with only one real steep section and we made it to Clyde before lunch.  We set up camp just to the west of the huge smooth section of rock that looked like a boat ramp or something.  We set up camp and proceeded to the main attraction, fishing the lake.

My family has a strange fascination with a fly that we affectionately call the Bigs.  It is green with brown wings and slays those mountain lakes.  Even if it isn't working, we're usually too stubborn to switch...

My dad and I worked about halfway around the lake, he caught the first fish and then hooked a trophy minnow.  I caught one a couple minutes later and then the lake went quiet.

We headed back to camp and set up our Rook table and then played a couple of rounds.  Then we started the fire to prep for some delicious chili dogs.  After eating, we noticed the fish were jumping or as my dad would say "the lake is boiling".  We headed down for a couple more casts and Landan caught his first fish.  We all fished a bit longer then headed back up to the fire for some delicious, hot shmos.

The next morning, we woke up and began to explore some of the other lakes in the area.  The Divide Lake and Booker Lake are in a line directly north of Clyde.  We hiked to the furthest and started fishing our way back in each lake.  The furthest, didn't have any fish, which we quickly discovered (but we did see an 8" salamander swimming around).  We could see fish jumping in the second lake, but no bites.  We finally caught some fish in Booker, everyone caught one in about a 30 minute time period.

We headed back to camp and Dad and Devan began packing up.  They were only staying the one night, while Landan and I were going to stay one more.  We had some lunch and Dad and Devan loaded on their packs.  We could either hike back the way we came or head down another trail that was shorter and passed by 5 or 6 more mountain lakes.  We decided to head down the new trail and Landan and I would fish a couple of the other lakes on the way back.  This section of trail had a lot more steep sections than the trail we had hiked the day before but the lakes were very pretty.  We split up at Cliff Lake after grabbing a group photo.  Landan and I each caught 2 fish in Cliff and ended up fishing around the entire lake.

We headed back to camp pretty tired, I think we had ended up hiking about 8 miles.  We decided to switch to bait so we could just cast the poles out and play some cards.  We played a couple rounds of gin rummy and then a fish hit my worm.  I started trash talking Landan that I had gone 1 up on him for the trip and then he caught a karma fish, tying the score again.  We cast out again while we went and got our dinner going.  Yet again I had a fish on and as I was reeling it in, Landan caught one.  We ate our dinner, hot dogs again, and I caught another one.  I reeled him all the way in and got the hook out and did an invisible fist pump and right at that moment, Landan got one.  We decided to call it a draw and go have some s'mores.

The next day we packed up camp and decided to had back the way we had initially come in.  We debated hiking out to Hidden Lake or up to the Notch and a few of the lakes up there but eventually decided that we had caught enough fish and were ready for a shower.

It was a great little backpacking trip.  The Uintas are awesome, in a short 5 mile loop you can see at least 15 mountain lakes.  Hopefully we can get another trip next year.


  1. I've reallllly been wanting to go on a backpacking trip with Devin, we should do a couple's backpacking trip one of these summers! Grandparents can babysit? :) I should post Devin's on ours too...sometimes I forget he does things worth blogging about too hehe

  2. That sounds awesome! Let's do it!


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