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Jordan's Birthday Weekend


This handsome guy just turned 28! And even though his birthday was on Wednesday, we pretty much celebrated until Saturday. Wednesday morning I woke up a little bit earlier than usual and made him French Toast breakfast in bed. Later that day Reagan and I headed down to his office to pick him up for lunch. We decided to take advantage of Salt Lake's Dine O'Round and go to two different places for lunch. We went to Taco Taco, pictured below as well as Bocata (not pictured). Both were good, but I'm still dreaming about the Cuban Pork Bocata, and I can't wait to go there again.

On Thursday, we dropped the baby off at Grandma's and headed to our usual Benihana birthday dinner. It was divine, as always.

Jordan's work does this awesome thing where each employee gets a birthday holiday 30 days before or after their birthday. He decided to take it on Friday. We took advantage of having him home by going on a hike near our house. We hiked up to the Adam's Canyon Waterfall. It was a bit harder and a bit longer than we thought it was going to be, but the waterfall sure was cool.

^^We totally weren't intending on having Reagan play in the water. I'm not sure why, but we did not plan for that. She was very sure that she would be playing in the water though, and made sure we knew it and let her! In just the past week, I have learned (Third times the charm?) that whenever there is water, the baby will be playing in it, and will be soaking and need a new change of clothes at the end.

As if all of these festivities wasn't enough, we were also able to go to the BYU football game on Saturday! And they won! And they're undefeated! We weren't planning on bringing Reagan, but somehow our entire babysitting list was unavailable, so she came along. She spent one quarter wrestling with Grandma at her seat, the 2nd quarter under the bleachers with Grandma, slept through halftime, spent the 3rd quarter with Jordan and I at our seats, and then I spent the 4th quarter with her under the stands. Whew! Having a Reagan is tiring (but great at the same time!).

And there you have it! Jordan is officially 28! That old man. He is so great. I'm so thankful for what a hardworking and fun dad he is for our family. He is truly the best. Love you!


  1. We brought our baby who is Reagan's age to the football game too and our experience sounds very similar...except I ended up taking her and leaving early because she was getting a little too crazy! Haha

  2. Haha I love her binky face at the football game! Happy birthday Jordan! I love those Ben Franklins shirts the guys have...I need to get a pic of Devin in his


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