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Jordan and I live in the Ogden, Utah Temple district and have had a few unique opportunities to participate in the Open House for the Ogden Temple which has spent the last 2 years being remodeled.

One neat way we have been able to participate was by being ushers. Our Stake was assigned a day and was supposed to supply all of the needed ushers for a particular time slot. They needed a lot of volunteers, but received so many they ended up having to turn people away. We were lucky and didn't get turned away. Jordan got to be a security guard, with an earpiece and everything, and I got to do the shoe covers. When people tour the temple they have to wear little plastic booties around their shoes to protect the carpet/flooring in the temple. I put the booties on people's shoes as they walked in. I also got to push a wheelchair though for one tour that day.

The next week I returned again to go through with my Young Women, and then on Saturday I went one more time with my family while they were in town.

^^Some of us after the tour. My dad was there too, but he wasn't around for this picture.

I was a little bit worried about taking Reagan through the temple, because she would either have to wear those booties I was talking about above which wasn't too likely, or we'd have to carry her through the whole thing, which is hard (30lbs hard). But she did awesome! Jordan carried her through the whole temple (he did awesome too carrying her the whole time).

The dedication is in a few weeks which I am excited for. I'm also excited for it to re-open and be able to attend there regularly. I know that the temple is a special place because it is the Lord's house and that when I am there I feel peace. I'm thankful for the blessings of the temple in my life.


  1. Oh my gosh Reagan's dress is so cute! And your pics are beautiful, wish we could go to this!

  2. I have admired your blog for a while now. You have great posts, and the pictures are so lovely. I do have one question for you. How do you get your pictures to post the way they do? Is something you do prior to posting or is it a feature of your blogging platform? -Stephanie

    1. I insert my pictures on the blogger platform, using HTML. I will put a blog post up about it in the near future!

  3. The temple looks so different-its gorgeous. And Reagan in her cute dress! I'm dying!


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