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Rocky Mountain Raceway


Last Saturday was Jordan's End of Summer work party. This year the party was at Rocky Mountain Raceway (Last year, it was at the zoo).  We had never been before, so were ready for a totally new experience. They provided a yummy dinner, and then we headed out to the racetrack! They started with a bunch of short races each with a different kind of car. They only did 8 laps and then announced the winner. I don't know very much about racing so I was fascinated with all of the colored flags and all of the different terms. I definitely need to go again.

After a little while, Reagan went a bit crazy. She didn't want to wear the ear plugs (which I can't totally blame her for), and wanted to wander around, or stand right at the fence (which isn't allowed) and Jordan and I weren't too fond of those ideas. So we had to cut our trip a little short and head home.

I hope we can make it back out there sometime (maybe when Reagan is a little bit bigger...) and stay for a little bit longer next time!

^^P.S. I spy myself taking the above photo, can you?^^


  1. I love your pictures through the fence, so cool! Man, Reagan is at that "fun" age ;) I think about this time I had a very frustrated facebook status about never taking Ava to a restaurant again...or anywhere for that matter, lol. At least I can tell you it's a stage, Ava's a lot better now!

    1. So glad to hear that it is a phase, because we're ready to never leave the house again. Or maybe try using a leash!


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