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The Photos that Missed Instagram

These are a small collection of neglected photos from my phone, that didn't make the cut for Instagram. I still like them though, and I think they deserve a second chance.

1. Farmer Jordan chomping one of his homegrown carrots.

2. MMmmmm! Summer and watermelon. They go together perfectly!

3. So bored of this whole eating thing. Reagan tried to slide out of the bottom of the highchair at grandma's.

4. Reagan loves using forks and spoons. She looks so happy when she successfully feeds herself. It's really cute.

1. Just a picture of our house. I got home from my trip to Colorado, and I just felt like taking a picture of home. It always feels good to come home.

2. The deer love our apples (and our garden), one morning I spotted this guy sneaking some apple bites.

3. One day when we got home from running errands, I got Reagan out of the car and thought that she might like to admire the rain with me from the garage, where it's nice and dry, so I set her down. Dumb! She'd much rather be out in the pouring rain! She took off running!

4. Lover of playing outside, even with the mulch.

1. Always in the swimming pool, water or not, swimming suit or not. We've taught her to put all of the fallen apples into the pool, so she'll put some in and then put herself in.

2. Climbing under the dining room table....

3. Climbing into the Lazy-Susan....

4. One day I couldn't find her anywhere and was rushing around looking for her all over the place, and then I found her sitting in her closet.

1. We went bowling for Mutual the other night, and I loved the neon nights at the bowling alley and couldn't resist a picture.

2. This beauty was parked in my neighbor's driveway for a little while. I should have asked for a ride!

3. Right after we finished building our table, we had to snap a few pictures....

4. And then I couldn't resist a tabletop picture (in true thealisonshow fashion).

1. I just had to. She's too cute.

2. Riding in the bike trailer....

3. Mommy/Daughter shadows....

4. My newest obsession. Fiiz! Rasbear, extra dirty, with a sugar cookie please.

1. That cute girl at the pool. We're sure going to miss that come fall :(

2. Reagan is a bit terrified of sparklers.

3. Lindsey and I after our Midnight Half Marathon.

4. Running selfie with the Super Moon behind me.


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