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Utah Cultural Celebration Center


Reagan and I ventured over to the Utah Cultural Celebration Center the other day at the recommendation of Jordan who knew I would love this Chinese Arch (which looked very similar to the one we saw while we were in Washington, D.C in Chinatown). I didn't know something like this existed in Utah. It was definitely very neat. The Cultural Center was pretty cool too. They had some neat artifacts on display as well as an interesting exhibit about immigrants. I'd recommend it if you're in the neighborhood!

^^This is literally the only good picture I got of Reagan (and I say good, very loosely...) because every time I would stop holding her hand she would sprint over to the pond. I swear she tried to jump in at least 3 times. Crazy spunky girl! She sure has a mind of her own.  

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  1. Wow this is beautiful! Definitely unexpected in Utah, can't wait to see miss Reagan!


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