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Halloween 2014


We had the cutest little ladybug at our house this Halloween. We had been telling her about trick-or-treating for about 2 weeks. She knew her pumpkin bucket had something to do with that trick-or-treating thing. Her bucket ended up being called a trick-or-treat. We could say "Where's your trick-or-treat?" and she would bring us her bucket.

Well last night came and trick-or-treating we went. She looked so cute walking around in her costume. And then when people started putting candy in her bucket or even better handing it right to her?! Oh man. She was in HEAVEN. When her bucket got too heavy for her to hold, she would get so mad when we tried to carry it for her. She worked hard for that candy.

While we were trick-or-treating she got really tired. She started sitting down on all of the porches while we waited for them to open the door. It was really cute. At the second to last house she said, "home?" and then when we started heading home she said, "nigh-night?" Even though it was about 45 minutes before her usual bedtime. Who knew trick-or-treating was such hard work?

For Family Home Evening earlier last week we carved our pumpkin. We were pretty proud because we grew it in our garden (it was the only pumpkin that actually grew, only one). Reagan kind of liked it, and tried to be really helpful. She kept calling it an apple. When we finished, we put it out on the porch with birthday candles in it, because we forgot to buy tea candles. They worked just as well.

Another great Halloween in the books.


  1. Aww, Reagan is the cutest ladybug!!! :) And how cool to carve your own pumpkin!!

  2. Haha I love the birthday candles, genius! She is so adorable, I love your account of her attitude toward it all, sounds like a success!


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