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Yesterday I turned 25. A quarter of a century. I got to celebrate Friday night and all day Saturday which is the best way (more than one day of celebrating is best). Friday started out a little rough ( many, many car problems), but ended quite marvelously. Reagan had plans with her grandparents to go see Zoo Lights Friday night and so was picked up around 2 that day and then had a sleepover afterwards. I enjoyed some alone time at home after she was picked up (which is something I really love now that I'm a mom, not much alone time involved in this job description. P.S. my luxurious alone time consisted of 6 loads of uninterrupted laundry, washed and folded).

^^Delicious chocolate covered strawberries from my parents!^^

After Jordan came home from work we headed downtown. I had chosen The Cheesecake Factory as my birthday dinner so we headed over to City Creek. We got there at 6, a little later than planned due to traffic, and had been given free tickets to the Jazz game at 7.

When we got to the Cheesecake Factory, they said that their wait was 85 minutes. Eighty-Five Minutes! I was nervous this was going to happen because they don't take reservations on the weekends. Anyway after some *choice words* (will update this story later with more details) with the Hostess, she sat us right away! We felt like royalty/famous! Star treatment! We were able to order and eat our food and make it to the Jazz game only a little late.

The Jazz were playing the Heat and it was a completely entertaining game. They ended up losing by 5 but it was so close! And if it wasn't for a silly turnover in the last 2 minutes they might have won, (well had a chance to tie it, and then maybe win in overtime). I really enjoyed some one-on-one time with Jordan. (We really need to work on the whole baby-less datenight idea.)

^^Beautiful flowers from Jordan^^

Saturday I got to sleep-in and then Jordan made me a delicious Eggs Benedict breakfast (I wish I had pictures. It was SOO yummy). After breakfast I took a relaxing bath and then a nap. Perfect morning! (I was missing my baby, don't get me wrong, but it was nice to have a little rest) After all of this we ran some errands, got some Christmas shopping done, and then picked up Reagan.

For dinner we met up with my Grandma (not pictured), Annett, Jim, Alex, Addie, Kyle, and Tate at Olive Garden. We had delicious food, and an overall great time. They spoiled me with gifts, Reagan was so well behaved (especially considering no nap that day), and it was the perfect evening. We ended the night at some of our neighbor's house for a cookie and cocoa party (where Reagan got back at us for her lack of napage) and I just have to say I felt sufficiently loved and cared for all weekend.
Thanks family and friends for making me feel special! 

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  1. So glad you had some total R&R for your special day! Can't wait to hear the "choice words" story, haha! We really need to kick the dating game into gear too, wish we lived closer to double!


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