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18 Months


My Reagan Jane will be 18 months old on Saturday! I can't believe it. I can't believe how big she is, I can't believe how long her hair is, and I can't believe how much she is learning everyday. She's pretty awesome if you ask me.

A little bit about Reagan at 18 months:

-She loves to dance, at home, with music, without music, in the car...etc.
-Knows lots of body parts: belly button, knee, head, hair, eyes, ears, teeth, tongue, fingers, toes, chin, shoulders
-Climbs on everything
-Drags me to the fridge when she's hungry
-Serious noder when saying yes, like really huge nods
-Still a binky addict
-Calls all babies "mama"
-Has started saying "mine," which is already getting a bit frustrating
-Loves giving kisses, and they are the best kisses
-She also gives Eskimo kisses, and thinks they're hilarious (called "rub noses")
-Reagan's words: nigh-nigh (Night-Night), mama, dada, maa-ma (grandma), papa (grandpa), milk, book, shhshs (shoes), bye-bye, eyes, no (nose), tee (teeth), toes, chee (cheese), pretty, bite, hello hello hello, yeah!, wow, bones, doggy, out, no
-Knows lots of animal sounds (most are all a variation of "oooooo": dog (woooo), cow (mooooo), kitty (meee), sheep (baa), monkey (oooooo), bear (grrrr), duck (wak)
-Waves hi and bye
-Loves to brush her 12 teeth
-Loves baths and the water, never cries about water in eyes/ nose/ mouth
-Takes one solid 2-3 hour nap a day
-Can climb in her carseat all by herself 


  1. climbing in her carseat by herself = best transition...until she HAS to do it by herself every time and at her own pace. That requires patience. But it's still so nice to just say "get in your carseat!" I can't believe she's that old either - hooray nursery!


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