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Best of 2014

We started the year off with a quick little hike, I made a quilt, Reagan experienced snow for the first time (and didn't love it), we went to Park City for a date night, Jordan and I went skiing, and Reagan turned 7 months old.

The biggest thing that happened to us in February was that we bought a house! I recorded what a day in our life looks like, we celebrated Jordan's grandma's birthday, and we had an early morning breakfast run to Carl's.

In March I took some pictures of our new house, Reagan so badly wanted to crawl, we went skiing again, we went to the Aviary, I made a table runner, we ventured down to the Grand Canyon and then on to Phoenix for some Spring Training.

April was a really fun month. It started with the birth of baby Tate (my cousin Addie's baby), and then a wonderful 8 day trip to Washington, D.C. with a bonus day in New York City. Reagan had her first Easter.

In May Jordan rode in his first organized bike ride, Reagan learned how to stand unassisted, we planted a garden, had fun with friends, went to a Bee's game, my Aunt Shari came to visit, and we spent Memorial Day at Bear Lake (and checked another drive-in off our list).

Oh June! What a wonderful month. My sweet baby turned one! We had an awesome party to celebrate. She also had her first ponytail, we celebrated Father's Day and we enjoyed the Hill Air Show from our front yard.

In July we went to the Church Office Building, celebrated the 4th of July, built a table, took family pictures, I ran a half marathon, we went to Alturas, took my brothers camping, and had more fun with friends.

August started with a great trip to Colorado, which included hiking the Castle Rock, and a trip to Voodoo Donut. All throughout the Summer we got to spend lots of time with my brothers, our garden was successful, and Jordan and I went to Park City for our anniversary, where Jordan rode in a 100-mile bike race.

The biggest thing that happened in September was that we found out we were having another baby! But kept it a secret for quite some time. We visited the Ogden Temple Open House, Jordan blogged about his backpacking trip with his brothers (that actually happened in August), we went to the State Fair, Rocky Mountain Raceway, spent a weekend at our friend's cabin, and celebrated Jordan's birthday!

I was really sick most of October, which resulted in not much blogging (and therefore I can't remember very many things we did...oops!) But we did celebrate Halloween with our cute little Lady Bug. I also compiled a list of 101 Things to do in Utah.

In November Reagan and I surprised Dylan and Logan for their birthday with a trip to Colorado, riding the train, Jordan's sweet Grandma passed away, and we had Thanksgiving of the stomach flu.

December brought with it decorating for Christmas, my 25th birthday, a pretty Christmas dress, we found out we are having another GIRL, and we celebrated Christmas!

And thus concludes our year in review! It was a good one, but I have a feeling 2015 will be even more exciting! Happy New Year!


  1. I've loved following along with your blog this year! :) I'm so excited for you and your new baby girl! :) I hope your family has a very happy New Year!!!

  2. I just love all of your pictures. What a great year! I'm so excited for your baby girl next year!

  3. Reagan looks so much like you to me in the pic of her in her floral swimsuit!


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