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Christmas around the house


I've slowly been pulling out Christmas stuff the past few weeks. Isn't Christmas the best? Our decorations are pretty simple this year. Mostly just the usual stuff, a tree, stockings, and a few little nativities. Even though it's just a few things, I love how there are little reminders of the season all around the house.

^^My olive-wood nativity from Jerusalem is a special part of our Christmas decorations...

^^...and so is Jordan's nativity from Uganda^^

^^Reagan even has her own special nativity this year from Grandma Martha. She LOVES it. She likes to switch out the angel on top for some sort of animal, usually the donkey, and she really loves to come show us Baby Jesus, and give him kisses. But out of the whole nativity the red wise man is probably her favorite.

And just for fun I thought I'd throw in a picture of our built-in desk that is SO CLOSE to being finished, hopefully within the next few weeks. I love how it's turning out.


  1. ahh i love your christmas decor. i really look forward to a day when we have enough space and money to really decorate. our decorations are beyond simple this year, but thats ok.

    also love your built in!

  2. Wowwwww your computer area looks so great with the shelves and everything! Good job! Love those nativity sets too!


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