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Thanksgiving (of the Stomach Flu)


Overall, we had a great Thanksgiving. We spent this years holiday up in Boise with Jordan's family. We ate delicious food, spent time with family, played tons of fun card and board games, and Jordan and I even snuck away for a date (we went and saw Interstellar). Reagan loved all of the people, especially playing with all of the cousins (2nd cousins actually).

We also had a little birthday/anniversary party for Grandma Sorensen, who turned 80 earlier in November and celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary with Grandpa Sorensen in September. The very second we started singing Happy Birthday and brought out her cake she started crying. It was the cutest thing in the whole world. You could really tell that she felt loved and appreciated, which she definitely is. We collected memories and pictures from all of her grandchildren and I put together a little book for her. I think she loved it.

The only bad part about this years Thanksgiving was that out of the 43 people who were in attendance probably 38 of us got the Stomach Flu. A few people got it on Friday, others Saturday, and then even more on Sunday. It was awful. Jordan and Reagan got it on Saturday, and I got it on Sunday. Thankfully it only lasted about 24 hours, but while you had it, it was a horrible 24 hours.

Anyway, I'm thankful to be feeling better and I'm even more thankful for my little family and the little life we have together. Happy Thanksgiving and now on to Christmas!

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  1. This is so sweet of his Grandma, she is so nice! That REALLY stinks about the stomach flu and I'm so sad you couldn't come on Sunday...hope everyone is recovered!


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