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Best of 2015

January was pretty uneventful with one exception being that we finished our awesome built-in desk. Other than that we were BORING (because I could barely function being so sick and pregnant). I did review my old college planners, I talked about how I insert pictures on Blogger, and I did a craft.

February was much more exciting. We had Valentine's Day, went to the Aquarium with Grandma Martha, went to some Jazz games, had lunches with dad, celebrated being in our house for 1 year, and made crepes. I also talked about scripture study and motherhood.

The most exciting part of March was our Las Vegas Babymoon. Spring finally started, Reagan was 21 months old, I talked about our 52 week money saving challenge, and I did a Day in the Life blog post.

April was also pretty uneventful on this old blog, but in real life we were pretty busy with Easter, a great FREE date night, and we completely redid our kitchen.

May was the best month of the whole year! Our sweet little baby, Naomi, joined our family, we brought her home, I made some cookies for the nurses at the hospital, Austan came home from his mission, and I made a great summer bucket list.

I absolutely hate being pregnant. When I'm pregnant it's like my life is on hold while I go through this awful, dark period in my life. After I give birth to that beautiful baby, it's like my life can resume. So June was full of TONS of fun things, like Reagan's 2nd birthday and birthday party. I made Naomi's birth announcements (pictured above), we went on some fun family dates (Cobbler CoveNeilson's Frozen Custard, and Waffle Love), Reagan got a black eye, we celebrated Father's Day and Jordan won free tickets to Cherry Hill. Jordan and Reagan went to the Sorensen Family Reunion at Alturas, while Naomi and I stayed home and saw movies and went to the Parade of Homes. Oh and Naomi was 1 month old!

We spent lots of time outside in July, mostly swimming in our backyard swimming pool. We also celebrated the 4th of July, and gave Naomi her baby blessing. She also turned 2 months old. Me and the girls spent a week in Colorado. Jordan and Landan came over for 24 hours and we went to the Rockies Angels game. I finally shared Naomi's birth story. I climbed Ensign Peak with the youth in my ward, and I designed some wedding announcements. I also talked about which Dry Shampoos are my favorites, some fun road trips, what a week in the life of a mom is like, and we went to the Taste of the Town.

In August we went to the Ogden Farmers Market, and the Ogden Hot Air Balloon Festival, I shared my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, made some back to school boxes for my young women, Naomi turned 3 months old, I shared my old school pictures, tried out a new local bakery, Reagan was a superhero, and we had our 5th anniversary! Jordan rode in a 100 mile bike race and I shared a free Family Proclamation printable. I also wrote a blog post for the blog about summer fun.

September was my second favorite month of the year (the first being May, with Naomi's birth). It was great because we spent two weeks in HAWAII (Maui part 1, 2, 3, 4, and video)! We also went to the circus (and I talked about how living with kids is like being in a circus), a Bee's game, Jordan had a birthday, Naomi turned 4 months old, I talked about everything you need to know about flying with kidshow to make dinnertime stress-free, and my favorite local gem.

In October I shared our family pictures and we made some ugly chairs really pretty. We tried to deal with our apple issue and made lots of apple treats. We took away the binky (this was actually in September) and solidified our bedtime routine (which, honestly, changed our life!). Naomi turned 5 months old, and I shared a bunch of Photo Booth pictures. And of course there was Halloween!


November was busy. We went to Disney on Ice, Naomi turned 6 months old, I did another day in the life post, we bought a minivan, Young Women in Excellence took over my life for a little while, and we celebrated Thanksgiving in Utah this year. I also shared 10 fun fall and winter date ideas, as well as a princess shoe haiku.

This December I made Christmas Candy, finally got our Christmas card sent, Naomi turned 7 months old, we dressed like a rainbow, I turned 26, and of course we celebrated Christmas!!

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