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A million years ago we started this built-in desk project. Ok, actually like 4 months ago. And I'm happy to report that we finally finished! I'm excited to share the finished product. But before that, here is what our dining room/kitchen area looked like when we moved in:

Last summer, we took down that obtrusive set of cabinets, and the soffit above it. We also got a new table, and a new light. So here is where we were right before we started this project:

I alway knew that I wanted a nice desk/computer area near my kitchen. I want the computer out in the open and if I'm working, I don't want to feel shut off from the rest of the house/family. So with that in mind we planned out how we wanted this desk area to end up. I found lots of built-in desks I liked online (here, here, here, here, and here) and we kind of combined all of our favorite parts and came up with our own idea. I made a quick drawing of what I was hoping for in Google Sketch-up and then we made a game plan from there. We ended up changing a few things along the way, but for the most part it turned out how we wanted it (don't you love when that happens?).

Then we started! We bought some desk height cabinets (which are surprisingly hard to find) on KSL, and the butcher block for the desktop. We bought the butcher block from IKEA, one 8ft piece and one 6ft piece. Once we had the desk put together we started on the shelves, and worked up. I really wanted the shelves to look like they were floating. We ended up using modified versions of this tutorial, and this tutorial. Here are a few process photos, and of course the messes that come with projects.

And that's kind of where my process photos end. I don't have pictures of painting/caulking the shelves, sealing the butcher block, making new drawer fronts, painting the cabinets, adding hardware, etc... But just know that each of those steps took like 3 weeks each.

I was kind of shocked at how long it took us to finish this project but I guess that's life with a baby, and just life in general. You know how you have like a million things to do at home and then for some reason all of your Saturdays are booked like 5 weeks in a row? That kept happening. But eventually we finished, and here she is! Take a look:

I'm still working on the decorating part, but I'd say it's coming along. And just for fun, here's a little before and after, listing all of the things we've done to this little room, in the 11 months we've lived in this house:

We still have a lot of work to do on the kitchen but I'm so happy with how this desk turned out, that it's making me want to get started on that project too. The kitchen is going to be very similar to the desk, with butcher block countertops, and two-toned cabinets (grey on the bottom, and white on top). I can hardly wait until it's all done, and if you know me at all, you know I'm not a patient person, so this waiting game is just about killing me. It's so fun to own your own house, and I think it's fun to do custom projects like this that make the house your own!

UPDATE: We love this desk! I thought I'd include a few picture with the new flooring, since I think it makes it look even better! Anytime anyone comes into our house they comment on how awesome this desk looks.


  1. The transformation in your kitchen/dining is AMAZING. I have a similar layout in my house, but we don't have enough square footage to do a desk. So I sit at my boring old IKEA kitchen table when I have to work. JEALOUSSSSSSS.

  2. Seriously, so amazing! I'm honestly kind of surprised it only took 4 months, haha! It seems like a SERIOUS project, especially over the holidays and everything - you're so lucky it's finished before the baby comes!

  3. Um seriously, that is SO amazing! I love it! I'm even more impressed that you did it while pregnant! How do you even have the energy, plus a toddler?

  4. WOW! That is a massively impressive transformation! great work! xo


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