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DIY Stuffed Letters


If you sew, and you're anything like me, you probably have bits and pieces of pretty fabric scraps laying around that you just can't throw away. Ever since I saw this floating around on Pinterest, I have wanted to make some. However, unlike that particular set I didn't want to use felt, I wanted to use some of my pretty fabric scraps. I used denim, fleece, cotton, etc... just whatever I had. I started at the beginning of November and decided to make a set of letters for Reagan for Christmas.

A while ago I bought some plastic letter stencils at Michaels (here are the particular ones I bought, these really aren't necessary though, you could just print out some letters in your favorite font and cut them out and trace those if you wanted. I did find that I liked the 4" tall letters though, so if you're going to print them out, do it in a large font size). I used the stencils to trace my letters on the fabric and then cut them out (one note, unlike the felt, most fabric can only be used on one side, so it took a bit of thinking on some of the letters to make sure I was going to end up with a letter for the back facing the correct direction with the fabric facing the correct side).

Once I had all of the letters cut out (a front and a back for each), I got started on my sewing. I used some extra embroidery floss I had on hand, and stuffed the letters with the batting from an old pillow I also had hanging around (I promise I'm not a hoarder).

I sewed the letters together using a whipstitch and I found that it was nice to use a shish-kabob skewer to do most of the stuffing.  Another helpful hint, when sewing letters with an inside cutout, like an A, O, or R, sew the inside cutout first and then the outside, otherwise it will be almost impossible to stuff. Before I started with each letter, I would think about how the stuffing would work and think through a few different starting points and start where ever stuffing it would be the easiest.

I was surprised at how quickly each letter came together. I found that on a productive day I could do like 4-5 letters (and then my hand, particularly my thumb, would totally cramp up).

When I finished, I went to Target and found a little cosmetic bag to keep all of the letters in. I knew I wanted the bag to be something fun and cute and when I saw this clear one I knew it was perfect, because the letters are fun and cute themselves!

This was a fun little craft, and I loved that the only thing I had to buy was a bag to put them all in (and let's be honest, I probably could have just used a ziplock bag, Reagan probably wouldn't have minded). I had all of the fabric, embroidery floss, and batting just sitting around at home. So if you're anything like me, you should make a set of letters too! Happy sewing!


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! This is genius!!

  2. ok i love love love this! my sister is pregnant and i would love to make her something like this! i can't really sew (with a sewing machine is really hard for me) but these are so cute i just might have to try and make them. loveeee these!

  3. LOVE this!! Especially since Ava is actually starting to identify a lot of letters, this would help so much. Great job!!

  4. I love these!!!! I pinned something similar before, but I love these so much more!! I will have to try them. :)


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