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When I was in college I was a meticulous planner. Meaning, I loved my planners. Contained in them are some wonderful memories, records of great friendships, and LOTS of homework. Man. Seriously, how did I ever finish college? So happy I don't have to do that anymore.

Before my freshman year even started, I went out and bought a planner. (I think I was actually still in High School, about to graduate, when I bought this one.) I bought my first Moleskin planner at Tattered Cover, and couldn't wait to start using it. This particular planner was 18 months (June 2008-December 2009), so It got used for 3 semesters and 1 term. It ended up being a little bit bigger than I usually liked my planners to be but nonetheless I still loved this thing, and boy did it get used.

One thing that did end up being nice about this larger size was that each week had an empty page with it, that I used to use to take notes at the weekly devotional. I always felt bad when I didn't go to the devotional and was left with an empty page. At some point I started to print out and glue quotes to the top of each week. I was also kind of crazy with post-it notes and used to write myself little reminders.

One fun thing from the above page was my reminder to make the programs on Saturday. My calling at that time was to make the programs for sacrament meeting. I ended up having that calling in multiple wards during my years at BYU. I think I also must have been speaking in church because on Friday I wrote "Write Talk."

^^This exact week 6 years ago. I love the note on Tuesday "Must take Math Test." Those stupid math tests were the death of me and I always seemed to put it off until the very last day possible. ^^

You'll notice lots and lots of colors in these planners. Each color represents a different class. At the beginning of the semester I would take all of my sylabi and write down all of my homework for each class for the whole semester, so I always knew what was coming up. Also, if I completed something it would get crossed out with a single line through it, if it didn't happen it got two lines through it.

^^This particular planner is fun to look back on because I was using it when I met Jordan. Above you can see our first date, on September 29, 2009: Volleyball game and ice cream with Jordan. And it looks like I also did homework with him the day before and hung out with him the day after.^^

For the 2010 year, I decided to stick with another Moleskin planner. This time I bought it at the BYU Bookstore. I knew I wanted a smaller one this time, and was happy when I found this one that was about half the size as my last one and it had hard covers, which made jotting down quick notes much easier, if I wasn't sitting at a desk. I liked this one so much I ended up buying the same one 2 years later for 2012.

One fun thing about opening up these planners is that I left all of the papers or notes tucked exactly where they were (my 2010 one had a sleeve of Forever stamps! Guess I don't need to go buy some now...). Upon opening this one I found this homemade weekly schedule. I remember making these when I felt really pressured for time, looking for any available minute I could work on homework.

^^This exact week 5 years ago. The first half of the week I spent in Egypt. I also love the note on Sunday night, that I was to meet Elias upstairs at 7:30, the story behind that can be found here.^^

^^5 years ago today I woke up at 2:15am and hiked Mt. Sinai and watched the sunrise on top. So awesome. Here's some pictures from that event, if you're interested.^^

^^Sometimes while we were in Jerusalem we had HUGE reading assignments. Like all of the orange above, that was for one class.^^

Not only was this the planner I used while I was in Jerusalem, it's the same one I had when I got engaged and married! Above was the week of my wedding, it was much more hectic than it looks on these pages, but I couldn't be bothered with writing everything down that week...

^^This was the worst semester of my life, with Chem 105 and Fluids just about killing me. It is also the semester that caused me to change my major. And this was apparently a horrible week because Jordan's bike got stollen, and my car got towed. Fun!

^^Remember when I won a free ipad? That was awesome. And so was our trip to Moab with the Harper's, that seems like a lifetime ago.^^

The next year, I decided to switch things up a bit and went with a Paperblanks Planner instead of my usual Moleskin. I bought this one at the MOA Bookstore, which I would go and peruse occasionally if I had a free minute on campus, or if I needed a quick pick-me-up. While this planner was small and cute, I didn't end up loving it.

^^This exact week 4 years ago. Fun to remember silly things like Dinner at Betty Jo's with Rachel and Brad. Jordan grew up with Brad, and had been roommates with him before we got married. After we moved to Orem we found out that his wife's grandma was in our ward! Her sweet grandma had all of us over for dinner and games. It was a lot of fun.^^

^^My planners kind of got a bit boring after I got married, but in a good way. My life was just much more stable and we were both in our majors and just chugging along. I do remember that Saturday though, I had to go watch a movie at the International Cinema for extra credit, and it ended up being SOOOOO boring, so as noted, we left and went to Red Robin.^^

In 2012, I went back to my favorite Moleskin Planner, and sadly after I graduated I could no longer see any point in having a physical planner (especially with an iphone, and the convenience of having the calendar on my phone), so this was my last one.

^^This exact week 3 years ago. That skiing class was one of the best decisions we made a BYU. What a great time that was!^^

And there you have it, a small collection of pages from my beloved college planners. Wish I could justify having a fancy Moleskin planner these days, but as a stay-at-home-mom most of my days are like it says, at home. We are still busy, but not as busy as doing a full load of homework causes, so my iphone will continue to do it's job.


  1. I obsessively keep every one of my old planners. My teaching plan planners, my college planners, my blog planners. I love them. And even today I keep a little daily planner, although it's more of a to-do list than an actual planner. I love how neat and colorful your planners are.

  2. This is amazing :) I laughed out loud at your sticky note "DONT SAY MEAN THINGS" - as if you're some kind of jerk or something! ;) How fun to look back on - I think this is even more fun than reading old journals because it's shows what every aspect of your life was like at that time, not just what you felt like remembering or have emotions about.


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