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Farr Better Ice Cream


On Saturday, to celebrate being homeowners for 1 whole year, we did a few fun things, one of which was get ice cream. We've been wanting to go to the original Farr's for a while now and Jordan surprised us with a trip to end our night on Saturday. It was spectacular. Completely charming, and totally overwhelming, with all of it's 60+ flavors to choose from.

We opted for a pint of candy bar ice cream, which is basically a snickers bar in ice cream form, with caramel swirls, chocolate chunks and chocolate covered peanuts. Delicious!

We can't wait to go back and get an ice cream sundae or banana split. It was a delicious way to celebrate being in our house for 1 year. Just like everything else in life, it seems like just yesterday, but also way longer than just 1 year. I'm happy to be where we are, and am still loving our house and neighborhood. Here's to a few more years!


  1. Just a few more years? haha! that's kind of how I feel about ours...actually I just wish we could pick up the house and take it somewhere else. So fun that you celebrated your home-iversary!

  2. Dang! Why didn't I think of celebrating being home-owners for a year? Now I'm a half-year too late! Oh well. maybe we'll celebrate two years.
    Oh my goodness! Your daughter looks so much like her daddy! My first one looks just like her Daddy, too! I think it gives them an even special-er connection.



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