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Lately we've been wearing shoes that definitely aren't our size, and trying to stand up and walk around in them. High heels, flip flops, slippers, work shoes, all shoes. Also we have perfected the "sh" sound, so we're really good at saying "shhhhhhoes".

Lately my belly has been growing! 25 weeks and feeling great. (And occasionally we go to lunch with dad and if there just so happens to be a brick wall right by where we parked we'll snap a quick picture.)

Lately we've been going on field trips with Grandma Martha's Preschool, and thinking that we are definitely just as big and smart as a preschooler. We loved all of the fish and animals at the Aquarium, and spending time with Grandma Martha.

Lately we've been going to a few Jazz games. Thanks to some sweet hook-ups, we've been able to go to quite a few more games that we normally would. On Saturday night we took Reagan to her first game and were totally surprised at how much she loved it.



  1. I love all her cute faces! She is looking like such an old toddler, I can't' believe how much she's changing! Love your bump....soooo excited!

  2. Your bump is so cute!! You are going got have so much fun with two sweet girls! :]


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