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Las Vegas Babymoon


I really wanted to take a little babymoon before this little babe arrives, but the clock was ticking (I'm 30 weeks tomorrow, and not supposed to travel after that) and we weren't sure if we'd be able to make it happen. Queue last minute and (almost) spur of the moment trip to Vegas! Jordan and I had both stopped in Las Vegas a few times on road trips (see here for example) and then we did stay there for one night after Havasupai (but were pretty worn out we didn't do very much). So this was kind of a first for both of us.

Jordan left work around lunch on Friday and came home. We packed up the car and headed to drop Reagan off at a very gracious grandma's house who would be watching her for us for the weekend. And then we hit the road!

We got to Las Vegas around 7:00pm, checked into our hotel and then hit the ground running! While we did make it a point to wake up whenever our little hearts desired (as opposed to being awoken by our little 1.5 year old alarm clock) we were go go going pretty much the whole weekend. It was so fun to see so many things and not be slowed down by a stroller or a bedtime (not that I don't like traveling with Reagan because I do).

I also want to mention our silly time change/daylight savings incident when we started heading home. On Sunday morning we slept in and then packed up our room, and headed to grab some breakfast. We finished breakfast and got in the car, where our clock said it was 10:00am. A perfect time to get on the road. We then remembered daylight savings, so switched the clock to 11, and then remembered that Utah was an hour ahead, so switched the clock to 12. In essence it took us 2 hours to drive out of the parking lot. Dang it! Our early start was no longer existent, and really threw us off when we were wanting lunch at 3 instead of 12. Just a goofy end to our prefect trip.

And now a little bit more about what we did:

We stayed at the Palms Place Hotel, which is right next door/connected to the Palms Hotel and Casino. We chose this hotel because it was the cheapest/best value we could find. It was a fun place to stay, considering it wasn't actually on the strip (just 1.2 miles off the strip). It was however a 5 star hotel and considerably cheaper than even the 4 star hotels actually on the strip. Even though we ended up not even using it, our room had a little kitchenette, which could have been really nice, had we not found so many great restaurants we wanted to try. We also had 3 TVs in our room, which seemed like a lot for one hotel room and a pretty sweet view, since we were on the 32nd floor.

Most of our time was spent walking around the hotels and casinos, checking out all of their crazy themes, shops, and restaurants. The casinos are fascinating to me, not only because of their enormity but also because of all of the attractions inside.

^^We loved watching the gondoliers inside and outside of The Venetian, as well as following the canal through all of the shops. Seriously, it's so incredible that they can actually make that sky look so real inside.

^^Luxor was super interesting. Inside the hotel wasn't at all what I thought it was going to look like. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was definitely interesting. We both think it would be fun to stay at the Luxor someday because all of the rooms have at least one slanty wall with windows, and the inclinators (the elevators) that travel at 39 degrees sound interesting too. (Also, I'm not sure why they named it Luxor. I think it should have been named Cairo, or Giza. It was fun to think back to this and this while we visited.)

^^We liked the Volcano show at the Mirage, that we went and watched after we saw The Beatles Love Cirque Du Soleil show, which was completely incredible.

^^Neither of us had ever been to a Cirque Du Soleil show and weren't really sure what to expect. We had heard good things about this Beatles show though, so decided to see it. I really felt like each new act/song was my favorite one. I ended up with like 10 favorite parts. It was way better than I thought it was going to be, and I now can't wait to go to another Cirque Du Soleil show. We both thought it was captivating and entertaining and that it was definitely a highlight of our weekend.

^^Another highlight for me was going to the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris to check out the views of the strip. (Side note: I had found a coupon online, good for 2 for 1 admission to the Eiffel tower observation deck. We were almost completely convinced that the coupon was a sham and that the ticket seller was going to laugh at us when we handed it to him, but he gladly took it and gave us our discounted tickets. Fantastic!) I looked up the time of the sunset, which was around 5:40, and planned to go up then (especially considering the tickets are $5 cheaper before 7:15). This was a fantastic idea, because not only did we get to watch the sunset at the top, but we also got to watch the neon lights of the Strip all turn on. And I just have to mention, dusk was completely breathtaking with the mountains in the background. I throughly enjoyed myself, snapping pictures to my hearts content. (The only thing that would have made this better is if we could have seen the Bellagio Fountain show from the top, but for some reason the 6:00 show never happened and we had to head over to the Mirage for our Cirque show and couldn't wait until the next one.)

After our cirque show we wanted a little treat, so we headed over to the Linq because I wanted to go to the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. It did not disappoint! We also really liked walking through Kitson, a fun eclectic shop, with an amazing children's department. Seriously the best books, toys, clothes, and shoes.

Before we left on our trip I had done some research on restaurants. Our vacations tend to revolve around where we will eat next. Our daily activities are usually just how we fill time before our next amazing meal. One of our amazing meals was breakfast at Hash House A Go Go. Jordan got the famous Chicken and Waffles, which was incredible (the waffles have bacon inside), and I got the Tractor Driver Combo with their delicious Griddled French Toast (which is dipped in banana cinnamon cream and served with pecan maple syrup and grilled bananas).

Another one of our fantastic meals was at Burger Bar. I had read lots of reviews that all said things to the effect of life changing burger/best burger you will ever have...etc. They were all correct. I would love to go back to this place. Immediately. Another reason why I really wanted to eat here was because of their Ultimate Build Your Own Milkshake Experience. I was very intrigued, and really liked their pipe-size straws that they were served with.

While in Las Vegas we also visited the Freemont Street Experience, which was definitely an experience. For me, it had a little bit of a different vibe than the rest of Las Vegas (which could have been due to the fact that there was a very large concentration on NASCAR fans all staying at the Golden Nugget). I enjoyed watching the zipliners and walking around the Golden Nugget to see the Shark Tank waterslide and the 61 lb Golden Nugget. We also had a quick dinner at the Grotto in the Golden Nugget, which was pretty good. However, I don't think I'd want to visit Freemont Street again.

Along with all of the things above, we also did a few other things I don't have pictures of. Here's a complete rundown of everything we did:

Casinos visited: Palms, The Venetian, The Mirage, The Bellagio, The Ling (outdoor shopping district), Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Paris and the Golden Nugget

Restaurants: Hash House A Go Go, Burger Bar, Sprinkles, Earl of Sandwich and Grotto

We also went to the Prime Outlets, visited the Welcome to Vegas sign, the Freemont Street Experience, and saw The Beatles Love Cirque Du Soleil Show.

Overall, Las Vegas is a completely ostentatious and fun place to visit. I think a quick weekend is the perfect amount of time to spend there (if you can't fit everything in, just plan another trip because more than a weekend might be overkill). Also, I just have to say that it is perfect for pregnant women because there are nice, clean bathrooms everywhere (inside the casinos/hotels) and if you don't want to walk everywhere you can just drive to each of the casinos, which all have their own parking garages where you can park for free (or pay for valet if you want).

There are still so many other casinos I'd like to see (like New York New York, which has a Shake Shack!) and also lots of restaurants and shows I would like to see, so I'm hoping we can make another weekend visit someday.


  1. This sounds like so much fun! I am so glad you posted what you did - This gave me some new ideas of things to do while there!

  2. So fun! And I love the daylight savings mixup haha.


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