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Twenty One Months

It's been a while since I've done a Reagan Instagram/Phone Photo Dump, and I'd say it's way past due. Reagan is so awesome. She's been doing so many fun/funny things these days, I can hardly keep up. She totally acts like a 2 year old (read: tantrums and rage) and she's a complete sponge. She will remember and say or copy the silliest stuff. She is such a fun little human, and I love her to pieces.

^^We found these ridiculous glasses at Target the other day, and Reagan loved them. She wore them like they were her most favorite accessory, and wouldn't take them off. She just loved them. She was mad when I didn't buy them (but can you blame me, they were like $9?) Also, Reagan is pretty proficient at saying Tar-gea, which probably means we go there a bit to often.

^^To keep with the accessory talk, she likes hats and things on her head (most all things on her head are called hats whether they actually are hats or not). She likes headbands and hair ties (called pretties), and also likes getting her hair brushed or done.

^^I caught her with her toes in her mouth the other day while we were in the drive-thru line at Sonic. I thought she looked so silly, and she clearly wasn't sure why.

We played with chalk on our back patio and not only were her hands and clothes completely covered but so was her face because she kept putting her face on the concrete. I'm not sure why, but she was having a grand old time. She loves coloring, with crayons, pencils, markers (although, I'll only let her use the mess free ones that only work on the special paper), and even chalk. She's a little artist in the making.

(Also, just for the sake of recording, she's had a runny nose for about a month and a half. Most of it is due to getting 2 new teeth, but I sure am ready for it to stop.)

^^Where's Reagan? This is her favorite hiding place, behind the curtains. She spends lots of time behind these curtains and the curtains out our front window, which she really likes because she can see through them. She also thinks it's just about the funniest thing to give kisses through the curtains.

We bought her a new pair of tennis shoes the other day at the Nike Outlet. The second we walked in the store she yelled, "SHOES" and was so so thrilled to put them on and try them out. She insisted on carrying the box to the check out and then carrying the bag around the rest of the mall.

^^That grin, and those cheeks, and her curly hair. Ah! She's perfection.

She loves baths. Any chance she gets she wants to take a bath. With bub-bues (bubbles). And then after the bath, we always lotion her up and that could very well be her other most favorite thing. She LOVES lotion. Whenever she sees me putting lotion on my hands or face (or even hand sanitizer) she wants some too).

^^I just had to include this crazy hair picture, because I'm not sure if her hair has ever been as wild as that.

And we'll finish the pictures with this little diva. This was before we stopped using the high chair (because she kept sitting on it like this). She wanted a morning snack, and insisted on wearing her jacket, sunglasses, and a ring to do so, while dangerously sitting on the edge of the high chair.

She is so independent, and opinionated. And while this is the case, she is getting better at asking for help when she needs something. She will say, "hep you" which really means, "help me."

She is growing up so fast and is getting so big. She wears 4T clothes, size 6/7 shoes, weighs about 33lbs, and has 14 teeth (but I'm pretty sure two more are coming soon). She loves singing, and has many favorite songs, some being: Popcorn Popping, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, WiseMan, Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee, Row, Row, Row your Boat, and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

She still takes one great nap a day ranging from 2-3 hours (and even longer sometimes if I'm really lucky). She wakes up at about 7:30 everyday and we try to put her to bed by 8.

I'm kind of in denial that I'm going to have 2 kids soon, and that it wont be just Reagan and I anymore. Time is going by SO fast.

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  1. She cracks me up, the cutest thing with her carrying her shoe bag :) I don't know how you're carrying 33 lbs around while pregnant! This is great documentation, something I'm feeling really behind in considering 2 yr olds have a lot to document!


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