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Benihana and the Ballet

I mentioned here that we like to sign up to receive emails from all of our favorite places, in hopes that they'll mention a sweet deal they might be having. In one of the recent Benihana emails they said they were having a contest for an exclusive opportunity to win dinner for two at Benihana paired with tickets to the performance of Almost Tango performed at the Capitol Theatre. I missed this particular email (and sometimes overlook "junk" emails in my rush), but Jordan didn't! And he entered! And he won! So last night we dropped Reagan off with some loving grandparents and headed out for our night on the town.

We had so much fun. Seriously, what's better than $67 worth of free dinner and tickets to a fun cultural event? Neither of us know anything about ballet, but we had a great time watching in awe at all of the amazing things those dancers can do with their bodies. Incredible. Such a great date night, thanks to my wonderful husband and his contest winning abilities!

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  1. This seriously sounds so amazing! What did he have to do to win?? You look great, can't wait to meet that baby!


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