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Austan's Home!


Thursday night we headed to the airport to welcome Jordan's brother home from his two year mission in Guatemala (More Austan posts: receiving his mission call here, and leaving on his mission here). The two years seem like they flew by very fast, but at the same time Jordan and I have done a lot during those two years (like have two babies and buy a house). It was fun to be at the airport with so many other missionaries coming home. The terminal was packed. Just walking into the airport and seeing all of these happy and anxious people waiting for their missionaries to come home, I got emotional (but I'm going to blame it on the crazy hormones I've got going on right now).

Austan left on his mission in May of 2013 and Reagan was born in June of 2013 and since our babies are just about two years apart, Austan had two new family members to meet at the airport. Because of this we made some signs for Reagan (and Naomi) to hold, pictured above. At the airport Reagan wasn't so sure about Austan, but before the night was over she was giving him high-5's and bones, so I think he warmed up to her. Naomi slept through the entire airport welcome, like the perfect angel newborn that she is.

^^Since you can only see the shoes at first as they get on the escalator, Martha would duck down to see if it was the correct pair of black shoes descending. And finally it was!

^^I definitely didn't recognize him at first. I wasn't expecting him to be wearing a 3-piece suit, that was grey, and he's a bit skinnier now than when he left! Jordan recognized him right away and yelled his name.

^^Martha has been waiting since June of 2009 for this picture, that's the last time all of her boys were in the same place. Devan, Landan, and Austan's missions all overlapped.

^^Can you tell this momma is happy? Martha is practically beaming, she's so happy!

^^Austan had this suit custom-made before he left. The liner is the flag of Guatemala, with his name, mission boundaries, and the temple embroidered on it. Such a cool souvenir.

^^And now I think the very well four-times used "Welcome home Elder Sorensen" banner just might have to be retired for a little while.

Welcome home Aust! We're glad you're back.


  1. Love that suit thing, so cool! And I didn't realize they were all overlapping, that must have been so hard for his mom!

    1. Oh and how how cute is that sign? I might have to steal this idea for Owen when Greg gets home - I'll give you all the credit!

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