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Labor & Delivery Nurse Thank You Gifts


For Christmas, one of the presents I got was Alison's Cookie Party, and I love it! I want to make cookies every chance I get. Every holiday or event, I want to make sugar cookies. I want all of the practice I can get. That royal icing is tricky stuff!

So of course when I was trying to think of something to give to the awesome nurses who helped us at the hospital when we had Naomi, the obvious choice was sugar cookies. The nurses were all so nice and I can't imagine a job where you are constantly waiting on people every single minute that you're there (except being a mother... you're constantly waiting on people at that job, but at least they're your people, you know, you're children). Anyway, I decided to make onesie sugar cookies (here's a link to the cookie cutter) so I got to work!

I bought these cute little boxes at Gygi (P.S. like my favorite store! I go there every chance I can get.) and put a dozen cookies in each one, tied them up with some bakers twine, wrote a quick little thank you and called it good!


  1. Holy hannah. I did thank-you notes for the nurses who helped me when Aspen was born, but after Linc I was like, pfffffhhh I ain't got time for that. This is so cute, and I'm sure much-appreciated!

  2. You are amazing and those cookies look store-bought! Such a great idea and from a new mom, no small feat I'm sure!

  3. I die. This is the cutest ever.

  4. You are seriously on the ball! And I love Gygi too, wish I had one closer!


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