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Naomi Emma and Serendipity


The sweetest of babies joined our family on Wednesday night. Calm, cute, and tiny. Born at 11:27pm, she weighed exactly 7 pounds, and was 20 inches long. She has dark hair and eyes and perfectly pink skin. She has long fingers, small feet, and the skinniest legs. In my totally biased opinion, I'd have to say that she is a completely stunning baby. Absolutely gorgeous. And I am thoroughly in love.

I was only 38 weeks, so her arrival was a bit of a surprise. I was already pretty far progressed, so not a complete surprise, but I was still kind of hoping that I'd have one last weekend to finish up some extra business. However, at about 2:00 on Wednesday afternoon, I knew that she would be joining our family before the day was over. All afternoon I felt anxious and nervous about her pending arrival.

I didn't particularly love the anxiety I was feeling and knew that it wouldn't be too helpful for my body, as it got ready to do it's thing. Queue serendipity. You know those fantastic coincidences, tender mercies that you know had to be sent specifically to comfort and calm? We've had a number of those the past few days.

The first one happened right when we got to the hospital and they sent us to room 203. 203 was the same room number where I delivered Reagan (in a totally different hospital). And while that is such a small thing it literally brought tears to my eyes. Everything went so well with Reagan's delivery I couldn't help but hope that this tender mercy meant the same for this baby. Great things happen in hospital delivery rooms 203.

The second tender mercy was our nurse. Right when I saw her, my heart about burst, because she was the very nurse who gave Reagan her first bath. (Again, at a different hospital, even hospital network. Seriously the number of stars that had to align in order for this to happen is beyond me. She had even moved to Maryland and then back to Utah during the time since we had Reagan.) This nurse helped me through Naomi's entire delivery that night and the beginning of recovery. It was almost like having an old friend there.

Unlike Reagan's birth, Naomi's was a bit more stressful (and painful) so those little tender mercies made a huge difference. I've already forgotten what newborns are like, and with the exception of the mere 3 hours of sleep I got last night, I'm thoroughly enjoying her. I think we all are. Having your second baby already seems so much less stressful than your first! It makes such a difference knowing what is going on and what is supposed to be happening.

The last bit of serendipity is more... just totally funny and it can be observed in the following pictures. Reagan leaving the hospital on the left, and Naomi on the right:

Somehow Jordan packed the EXACT same outfit to bring Naomi home from the hospital as he did to bring Reagan home from the hospital, and mine was basically the same too, except it was a different pair of black capris, and a different teal shirt (I didn't even pick out my shirt. Annett bought it for me that morning). It's just so silly to me. Hilarious really. I think we're off to a great start here.

I'm so thankful to be a mom, and I'm so excited for this new adventure!


  1. Aw yay!!! Congratulations!! That is so cool about your matching outfits! :) and I love it when you feel like God is giving you those little reminders that He is there! :) I'm so happy for your little family!

  2. You're right--she IS stunning! And I love her name. What cute little black hair---newborns are such a joy :) Congrats to you and yours, Corina! And way to go!

  3. All those coincidences are amazing!!! Right down to the outfits, thaIt is so funny. I'm so so happy for you!!!

  4. that is hilarious about the same outfit! congratulations to you and your sweet little naomi! good luck with having two babies!


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