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Summer Bucket List


It may be a bit early to start thinking about these kinds of things, but I just can't help it! It's officially May. And May is basically Summer. And oh, how I love Summer! (Can it be Summer always?)

Our lives are about to change a bit (A bit. Ha, who am I kidding? A lot!), with a new baby coming, but we still want to try to do a few fun things this summer, so I though a Summer Bucket List would be just the thing to help us remember to actually get out of the house a few times this summer.

Here are some of the things I've been dreaming about doing this Summer:

1. Consume as much Shave Ice as possible - You can't really go wrong with shave ice, right? We will definitely be frequenting the nearby shave ice stand this summer.

2. Ride a Ferris Wheel - I can't even remember the last time I rode a real outdoor ferris wheel, which clearly means it's probably time. (I'm curious what Reagan would think of a Ferris Wheel. Is she even old enough to ride a Ferris Wheel?)

3. Eat a Funnel Cake - Oh funnel cake. I need more of you in my life.

4. Attend a Hot Air Balloon Festival - We didn't make it to any hot air balloon festivals last Summer and my hot air balloon loving self was a bit disappointed, so I hope we can this Summer (and it would be a total dream to actually ride in a hot air balloon... maybe someday!)

5. Watch a Firework show - I love fireworks. They are one of my favorite things. Again, I'm excited to see what Reagan thinks of them this Summer since last summer she was a bit to little to actually comprehend what was going on.

6. Go to at least one Baseball Game - Either a Rockies game in Colorado, or just a good old Bee's game here in Utah, I hope we can make it to at least one baseball game.

7. Do as many Short Hikes as a 2 year old will allow - Reagan loves being outside just as much as her parents, so hopefully her little legs will let us go on a few short hikes this summer.

8. Picnic as many times as we can - I love picnics and I always feel like we never go on enough of them.

9. Swim as often as possible - This one is going to be a really tricky one for us this summer. I love going to the pool, and so does Reagan, but with a newborn we'll just have to see what we can do. If as often as possible means once the whole summer, I'll be (sort of) satisfied.

10. Go Camping at least once - Again, another tricky one. But I love camping, and I think a little overnight camping trip with our little family of 4 sounds (sort of) doable.

11. Go to the Zoo - Reagan has been to the Zoo a few times, but I feel like each time we go she gets it just a little bit more. I think this Summer she'll really get it, and really enjoy it.

12. Buy a grill and use it - We've been wanting to get a grill for forever, but it is just never quite a priority on our budget (and 4 new tires this month, probably isn't going to allow grill buying this month either) but I hope that at some point this summer we will be able to get a grill and use it.

Here's to a fantastic summer! What's on your bucket list?


  1. Great list! I wish sonic shakes had the same amount of calories as shaved ice because that's basically our favorite summer treat! And you should go on a hot air balloon ride for your anniversary - the big 5! You should look on ksl/craigslist a LOT right now for a grill - tons of people are upgrading to new ones and getting rid of theirs. That's how we got ours for free and it's awesome!

  2. Everything on your bucket list is now on my bucket list. We just got one of those cheap little grills that are like two feet off the ground. It works great and satisfies my grill tooth for cheap. I'm so jealous you get to have shave ice though, there's none of that here in Oregon. :(

  3. My friend just took their new baby camping and she said it was great! You can totally do it!


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