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The Photos that Missed Instagram

I think it's about time for a photo dump! I have a lot of pictures I've been wanting to share, so sit back and enjoy this plethora of photos from the last few weeks via my iphone.

^^We'll start it off with this cute little computer helper. Working on the computer one handed is hard, but so is setting her down. So one handed I work. Isn't she gorgeous?!

^^I seriously scored in the husband department. A few Sundays ago he woke up before me and made me breakfast in bed, just because. Plus, look at that presentation. He knows I like things to be pretty.

^^While my mom was in town we ate out at a lot of yummy restaurants, Mongolian BBQ being one of them. I forgot how tasty it is! And even Reagan chowed down on the noodles, so it was great all around.

^^I seriously love having this tiny baby sleep in our room. I love the easy access to check on her and feed her in the middle of the night, I love the cute bassinet, and of course I love the baby herself! (P.S. She doesn't sleep with all of those blankets in there, I just laid her down really quick the other day)

^^I'm still getting used to having a backseat full of babies in my car.

^^We've been going on lots of walks these days, and sometimes Reagan does the silliest things while we're walking; like deciding to crawl or walk on her knees.

^^I had to capture this moment. Naomi was laying on our bed the other day, and Reagan hopped up and laid just like this right next to her, all on her own. It was the cutest thing.

^^I've been using my Moby Wrap a lot these days and I have to say that I love it. I love having my tiny baby so close. She feels so protected and safe right against my body. Plus, it puts her right to sleep which is a plus.

^^Tons and tons of baby cuddles happening over here. I honestly want to hold her all day. I especially love it when Reagan is napping and Naomi and I plop down on our cozy chair and take a nap too.

^^The other day I set Naomi down on the ottoman for one second and I came back and she had managed to cover up her face with the blanket. She was freaking out. It was kind of funny and silly.

^^More pretties from one of our many walks.

^^Jordan and I often talk about how silly Reagan is. We both think that she already enjoys making us laugh and doing goofy thinks. It's just so interesting to me that a 1 (almost 2) year old can already have such a strong personality.

^^Sabbath day [sister] observance

^^We ended our Memorial Day with a trip up to Ogden. We headed to a park for a little while so Reagan could run around and then we went to Freddy's for some fries and ice cream. I'm SO happy to have a Freddy's close to home now. I love that place.

We'll finish up with a few little house projects we've been working on:

1) The top one is in our bedroom. Jordan built me two of those picture frame ledges. We put one up above the TV and this one above our bed. I just barely got those two outside frames painted white, so I had to snap a picture. I also sewed a new quilt for our bed, which is currently being quilted. Hopefully, I'll get it back soon, and can do a full post on the progress of our bedroom decorating.

2) My parents gave us my brothers' old bunkbeds. Pretty much the minute I found out we were having another girl, I knew I wanted to paint them pink. I finished painting them about 2 weeks before Naomi was born and we moved Reagan into her big girl bed/room. The transition has been great. She has never fallen out (knock on wood), and seems to be loving her new room. I'm still working on decorating it, and I think I have a good idea of where I want to go with it. Now I just need to find the time and money to actually get it done.

Also, I made those duvet covers out of a queen duvet cover my grandma gave me. I really like how they turned out. You can't quite tell from this picture, but they have pink stripes that match the beds.

3) This one is a bit old, but still deserves to be documented. We finally switched out the old 70's light in our entryway to this pretty thing. I love it.

And there you have it! Thanks for following along.

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  1. Oh my, that snuggling picture of Naomi in the middle of the post where she is so wide eyed and calm looking-she is brilliant! So so beautiful and I still think she looks a lot more like you! I am dying over those bunk beds, that is the cutest thing ever and I can't wait to see the quilt on your bed!! Love the fabrics


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