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Nielsens Frozen Custard


This weekend we went to Nielsens Frozen Custard. It has been on my list of places to go for quite a while now. It receives a lot of hype in this neck of the woods, plus, if you know me at all, you know it's right up my alley (see: here), so I'm glad we finally made it. Jordan's parents came up and met us at the Bountiful location. Doesn't it have the prettiest facade? I LOVE it! And the food was quite tasty too!

^^Reagan fell asleep about 1 minute before we got there, and after a long day, with no real nap, she needed it. Unfortunately though, she woke up very soon after this picture was taken...

We got our fair share of concretes: bumble berry oreo, chocolate almond, oreo, cookie dough, brownie, and not pictured raspberry, and cherry brownie. They were all so yummy but I think my favorite was probably the cherry brownie (it reminded me of Cherry Garcia ice cream).

^^I think this might be my new favorite photo. Reagan's not even looking at the camera (and neither is Naomi), but it's both of my babies. My TWO children! I can't believe I have two beautiful daughters, and that they are both looking so cute in this picture, together. Also, do they even look related in this picture?

Yummy! And just curious...where do you get your favorite milkshake/concrete? I'd love to go try it.

Utah Valley Parade of Homes

There are a few things that only happen once every year and somehow every single year they come and go and I, again, miss them. One of them is the Ice Castles in Midway. I really, really want to go see those! But somehow it never works out. Another is the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. Again, somehow it just has never happened.

This year I defied all of the laws of the universe and actually made it to one of those Once A Year Events. The Utah Valley Parade of Homes. While Reagan was at Alturas, Naomi and I snuck down to go see a few homes with Dylan and Annett. We went to 4 houses, and oh how I wish we would have had time to go see a bunch more. Because I love them. But even just those 4 houses filled my heart with happiness!

My favorite house that we saw was Hawkes by Artisan Construction. It was my favorite because it was decorated by House of Jade Interiors. I have long been a fan of Kirsten and her design style (and I really wish I had the money to have her come decorate my house!) so it was like living a dream to see a house that she decorated.

^^Every single detail was perfect. I am seriously IN LOVE with the little girl's room in that house, pictured above. The cloud and bird wallpaper on the ceiling was perhaps the cutest thing I'd ever seen.

The other houses we went to were all in Alpine. And of course they all had cute details I would love to do in my own house someday.

Overall, I'm just so happy I was finally able to do something on my Once A Year list. The parade of homes is kind of a unique one for a list like that because you really need to go every single year, but like I said, I'm just glad I was able to go this year.

Alturas 2015


Jordan's family reunion was last week, at Alturas Lake in Idaho. Because Naomi is so little (and still nursing in the middle of the night), I decided not to go this year. Jordan doesn't have very many vacation days to use (because we're saving them for an exciting trip at the end of Summer) so he ended up just going for one night. But Reagan was lucky enough to spend 3 days up there with Jordan's parents. She had a blast! And I even heard that she was well behaved. She loved the lake and playing in the freezing water. I'm sad I didn't get to go to this beautiful place this year, but I'm happy that Jordan's mom took some pictures so I can to live vicariously through my sweet Reagan, happily playing at the lake.

Alturas 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Cherry Hill


We spent the day at Cherry Hill Water Park on Saturday. I had never been before, and after driving by it almost everyday for a year and a half, I'm glad we finally went. Reagan is a total fish so we knew she'd love every minute of it, which she did. "More park!" or "More water!" is what she said pretty much all day. Dylan and Logan were able to come with us too, which was extra fun. It was especially nice having more help with our girls.

^^And here is the whole reason why we went. One of my summer bucket list items is to buy a grill. Dylan and I were driving the other day and heard on the radio that 94.1 KODJ was having a Father's Day contest, the prize being a new grill (this was before I had bought him a grill). I told Dylan to enter Jordan in the contest right then. So he did. Only 25 dads were chosen to participate in the contest, which was musical chairs, and Jordan was one of them! Along with being chosen to play musical chairs, he got 4 free tickets to Cherry Hill. Score! Unfortunately, he didn't win the grill. He did a great job at musical chairs and did beat 17 dads, just not the other 7. Sadly, he got out with 8 dads left. (Little did he know though, I had a grill at home for him already!) The $80 in free Cherry Hill passes was more than an acceptable prize though.

^^Oh how I wish Reagan and I were looking at the camera in this picture! It would have been perfect with Dylan and Logan coming down the slide in the background. Reagan absolutely loved these slides. We spent probably the last two hours going down the slides over and over.

Naomi was there too, but she napped in her stroller most of the day. We took turns watching Naomi and swimming with Reagan. It was a perfect summer day in the sunshine! We left with two very sleepy girls.

Father's Day


Jordan and I have wanted a grill for a while now.  Like for over a year. I put it on our summer bucket list, in hopes that this would get us in gear, so we would actually make it a priority. When I started thinking about Father's Day, I really wanted to try to surprise Jordan with a grill. We had been looking at Lowe's and Home Depot and everywhere else grills were sold, but we didn't quite have the extra $250ish to spare, so I started looking on KSL.

I found this grill on KSL and like I said, I wanted it to be a surprise, so I had Jordan's parents pick it up for me, and hide it at their house for a while, and then I had Annett help me get it up to our house. I stored it in our nice neighbors' garage until last night when Jordan went to go buy some groceries. When he left, Dylan and Logan moved it up to our backyard.

I bought him a spatula, and made him this sign, "You're a Flippin' Awesome Dad." I had Reagan give it to him when he got home from the grocery store, and told him to go to the backyard, where his new grill was waiting.

We had some inaugural kababs last night to celebrate.

And just because I think it's funny... Grill: $20, Cover: $20, 3 new Heat Tents: $15, Propane tank: $25, Propane:$15.

Happy Father's Day Jordan! Thanks for being Father to our babies. I love you!
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