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Cherry Hill


We spent the day at Cherry Hill Water Park on Saturday. I had never been before, and after driving by it almost everyday for a year and a half, I'm glad we finally went. Reagan is a total fish so we knew she'd love every minute of it, which she did. "More park!" or "More water!" is what she said pretty much all day. Dylan and Logan were able to come with us too, which was extra fun. It was especially nice having more help with our girls.

^^And here is the whole reason why we went. One of my summer bucket list items is to buy a grill. Dylan and I were driving the other day and heard on the radio that 94.1 KODJ was having a Father's Day contest, the prize being a new grill (this was before I had bought him a grill). I told Dylan to enter Jordan in the contest right then. So he did. Only 25 dads were chosen to participate in the contest, which was musical chairs, and Jordan was one of them! Along with being chosen to play musical chairs, he got 4 free tickets to Cherry Hill. Score! Unfortunately, he didn't win the grill. He did a great job at musical chairs and did beat 17 dads, just not the other 7. Sadly, he got out with 8 dads left. (Little did he know though, I had a grill at home for him already!) The $80 in free Cherry Hill passes was more than an acceptable prize though.

^^Oh how I wish Reagan and I were looking at the camera in this picture! It would have been perfect with Dylan and Logan coming down the slide in the background. Reagan absolutely loved these slides. We spent probably the last two hours going down the slides over and over.

Naomi was there too, but she napped in her stroller most of the day. We took turns watching Naomi and swimming with Reagan. It was a perfect summer day in the sunshine! We left with two very sleepy girls.


  1. awwww! what a FUN DAY! with this hot weather, that water sure looks nice right now. :)

    1. I know, with these 100 degree temps, swimming is just about all we can handle!

  2. so fun! i went to cherry hill when i was 7 and loved it!

  3. Those slides do look awesome!! Lucky Reagan! What a fun day


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