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Family Date Night | Cobbler Cove

We've gotten pretty proficient at the family date night lately. One of our current favorite routines involves getting some kind of delicious treat and a park. Last Friday we went Cobbler Cove. We had seen it a few times and were definitely curious. So of course when we got the BOGO coupon we had to go.

I got peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream and oat crumble. Jordan got apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream and butter crumble. Both were divine! They have so many other choices too, I can't wait to go back and try something else.

We chowed down on our cobbler while Reagan ran around the playground as fast as she could. Plus slides. Those are her absolute favorite.

It was a great little [family] date night. What do you guys do when you don't want to get (pay for) a babysitter but still want to do something fun on a Friday night?

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  1. We find cool stuff at Goodwill while Ava plays with the toys haha! Just kidding...kind of. That's a really cool idea for a dessert place though, I'm curious what other cobblers they have!


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