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Father's Day


Jordan and I have wanted a grill for a while now.  Like for over a year. I put it on our summer bucket list, in hopes that this would get us in gear, so we would actually make it a priority. When I started thinking about Father's Day, I really wanted to try to surprise Jordan with a grill. We had been looking at Lowe's and Home Depot and everywhere else grills were sold, but we didn't quite have the extra $250ish to spare, so I started looking on KSL.

I found this grill on KSL and like I said, I wanted it to be a surprise, so I had Jordan's parents pick it up for me, and hide it at their house for a while, and then I had Annett help me get it up to our house. I stored it in our nice neighbors' garage until last night when Jordan went to go buy some groceries. When he left, Dylan and Logan moved it up to our backyard.

I bought him a spatula, and made him this sign, "You're a Flippin' Awesome Dad." I had Reagan give it to him when he got home from the grocery store, and told him to go to the backyard, where his new grill was waiting.

We had some inaugural kababs last night to celebrate.

And just because I think it's funny... Grill: $20, Cover: $20, 3 new Heat Tents: $15, Propane tank: $25, Propane:$15.

Happy Father's Day Jordan! Thanks for being Father to our babies. I love you!


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