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Nielsens Frozen Custard


This weekend we went to Nielsens Frozen Custard. It has been on my list of places to go for quite a while now. It receives a lot of hype in this neck of the woods, plus, if you know me at all, you know it's right up my alley (see: here), so I'm glad we finally made it. Jordan's parents came up and met us at the Bountiful location. Doesn't it have the prettiest facade? I LOVE it! And the food was quite tasty too!

^^Reagan fell asleep about 1 minute before we got there, and after a long day, with no real nap, she needed it. Unfortunately though, she woke up very soon after this picture was taken...

We got our fair share of concretes: bumble berry oreo, chocolate almond, oreo, cookie dough, brownie, and not pictured raspberry, and cherry brownie. They were all so yummy but I think my favorite was probably the cherry brownie (it reminded me of Cherry Garcia ice cream).

^^I think this might be my new favorite photo. Reagan's not even looking at the camera (and neither is Naomi), but it's both of my babies. My TWO children! I can't believe I have two beautiful daughters, and that they are both looking so cute in this picture, together. Also, do they even look related in this picture?

Yummy! And just curious...where do you get your favorite milkshake/concrete? I'd love to go try it.


  1. Jake's Over the Top in Ogden is a must. SOOOO GOOOOD.

    1. We'll definitely have to go give that a try! Thanks for the recommendation!


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